5 Things to Know Before Getting That Inside Sales Tool

We are all excited when we shop for that new toy. 

But how do you choose one from the thousands of toys available?

There is a similar problem with inside sales tools these days. How do you buy one?

If you’re thinking free trial, think again.

Almost every inside sales tool out there today offers a free trial.

Are you going to try them all?Doing that will not only waste valuable time, but also tick off your sales reps with the constant changes.

So, what is the solution?

5 Things to Know Before Getting That Inside Sales Tool

Tips for selecting an Inside Sales Software

Be Aware of the Problem

Identify the core problems you are trying to solve with an inside sales tool.

Don’t listen to the hype. Before deciding on anything, just figure out what your business lacks, needs and the gaps in sales operations.

Fancy features are both exciting and interesting, but it will do you no good if they can’t solve your inside sales problems. You must know the difference between features that are ‘good to have’ and those that you ‘must have’.

Buy your Reps Some Time

Forget about returns, revenue and expenditure. Time, is by far the most expensive resource you have at your disposal. 

Every second that your sales rep spends struggling with the sales dialer or taking down notes could’ve been automated.

Make sure your ideal tool helps you in some way to shave off atleast an hour or two every week. 

Service. Please, Service

I’ll keep this point short and simple. The support services for your inside sales software need to be impeccable.

Just make sure there is always support on the standby and that they actually do support.

Pro Tip – Check the Reviews

Watch Your Budget

Once you’ve got the above three pointers pegged, its time to get back to reality. You need to know how the software will sit with your budget.

Even a software that qualifies all the other guidelines will be of no use as you don’t have the required funds. Be aware of your limitations and compromise where necessary. 

If not the golden goose, you can atleast get a bunch of regular ones and sell the eggs.

What’s the Plan to Incorporate it?

Finally, it comes down to sales enablement or in simple words – Adoption

Can you afford to give them specialized coaching sessions on how to use the software? Or will you just leave it to them to figure it out?

Ideally a learning curve needs to be tracked, through which the sales reps can be made familiar with the tools, rather than just rushing them into it. 

If you wish to share any other important tips one needs to consider before buying an inside sales tool, please do so in the comments below. We’d love to hear about it.


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