5 Signs your Sales Prospect is Losing Interest

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As a sales rep, it is of top most priority to deal with prospects and continuously add customers in the database. You make a lot of promises while you pitch. It is such a pain point for anyone trying to keep a business relationship going, knowing that the efforts might not reap rewards.

It is important for an organization to understand and know, that the sales prospect is facing some issues with your offering. At the same time, it is also crucial to know that many a times, prospects do not tell you their problem. They wait and wait and wait some more, before finally going away.

If an organization faces any of the 5 below written symptoms, you know it is high time to act

1) They Ask About your Price Before you Have Ever Met

These people are commonly known as price shoppers – some of the worst prospects to sell to. Price shoppers usually don’t understand the minute differences between you and your competitors, and they are least bothered about spending time to learn about them. They are just concerned about their own job. These prospects are the most difficult ones to deal with, as they are just like zombies. Very less information would come out from their side, as they are on the verge of jumping the gun.  As a sales rep, you would be well served, if you can get them to answer a few quick questions that will help you better assess their needs. Thereby, you can let them know how useful your solution might be for them. It might not be an easy task, but you will be able to move forward, ever so slightly towards your target.

2) Frequent Comparison with Competitors

It is a given that, due to internet and an multiple sources of information, your prospects have all the knowledge in the world. They will have a fair idea of the difference between you and your competitors. It is important to know that they chose you because you seemed more beneficial for them. However, things could get a bit messy, if they keep on comparing you to your competitors. If a sales prospect cites example of your competitor and how they can get the job done, it should be nothing less than a warning for you. Another facet to understand it is that these prospects would never give you an impression of preferring the competitor over you and it all boil downs to your talent to find out what they are up to. More the number of mentions about your competitors, more the chance of you losing them. In a blunt way, it means their service is much better than yours and it is high time for you to be on your toes and make them stay.

3) There’s No urgency for a Decision

Having urgency around a sale is very crucial. Early in the process, ask potential clients about their timeframe. You have to prioritize those prospects that have a hard deadline. You can find ways to firm up deadlines. If you don’t see positive signals from your prospect or urgency in the decision, the sale might not happen. When something like this happens, a sales rep must have the talent to understand the proceedings, and fix it in their minds that the agreement with this particular prospect is going nowhere.

4) Prospect Stops Interacting with You

As known, prospects who have a lot of complaints, are nightmarish to sales reps. However, there is another side to the coin. More lethal are the ones who do not have any questions at all. They are in that category who do not bother to reply at all.  Email, messages, promotional offers, etc. do not work with them. They simply stop engaging with you because they do not trust your offerings and might have moved to your competitor. These are usually the ones who wait for you to get in touch with them. Nevertheless, when you don’t, they simply stop using your product. So any sales prospect, who has stopped responding to your emails, calls, surveys and other modes of engagement are probably in negotiations with your competitors and are about to make the switch.

5) Their Arms and/or Legs are Crossed

Body language speaks volumes about intent, or the lack it. Maybe, you’re pitching a specific product they didn’t ask for. Maybe, you’re not modifying your pitch according to their personality or maybe, you have bad breath. It doesn’t matter. Their body language is giving a sign that they are not at all interested in what you are saying. Find a way to give them something to change their posture or in other words, and then step back and restate what you heard them say they are looking for. This shows them you understand them. Finally, make sure you aren’t crossing your arms or legs which may mean you feel threatened by your prospect. If you have to, put your hands on your hips or in your pockets to remain open to the other person.

Adding a customer in your database is as difficult as it gets. It is just like reaching the top of the rankings in any sport and reigning their as champions for a long duration. Prospects losing interest is not new, and as sales reps, it is important to realise soon that, things are not right with such prospects.



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