5 Signs your Inside Sales CRM is Sabotaging your Sales Success

5 Signs your Inside Sales CRM is Sabotaging your Sales Success

Businesses have identified the need of CRM systems and modules for actualising their Inside sales team objectives. An inside sales CRM expedites the sales team processes, through sales force automation functions and helps accelerate their performance. Inside sales team require a unique infrastructure to operate at their full potential. Poor technological infrastructure, ineffective lead nurturing and human errors may end up in proportionate losses for businesses.

But, not all CRM systems are ideal for inside sales. It does not matter how many bells and whistles the software has. At the end of the day, your CRM should be a facilitatory tool that help Inside sales accelerate their core operations. Employing a CRM that is not ideal for your inside sales is one of the top 5 Gaps in Inside sales that you cannot compromise on.

Wish to test whether your Inside Sales CRM is the right fit for Inside sales?

5 signs indicating your Inside sales CRM is not ideal for Inside sales

  1. Imbalance between company management visibility and rep productivity:

    CRM modules that do not agree between company management visibility and rep productivity will impede the efficiency of the sales team. If the CRM processes are overbearing or too focused on minutiae, the reps would be reluctant to use the technology.

  1. CRM NOT Logging all activities: 

    CRM should be intelligent to log all activities with the leads, so the rep himself will not lose track of his leads’ statuses. This will also help supervisors in ascertaining the performance of each rep based on the quality and progress of the leads.

  1. Generic communications:

    Your Inside sales should be allowed to send customized communications to their leads and contacts, because there is nothing a customer or a lead will hate more than a generic email or interaction that is not positioned to them.

  1. Absence of Sales Force Automation tools:

    Inside Sales CRM Sales Enablement tools hasten and streamline all the phases of sales from lead management to forecasting. Provision of savvy capabilities like pipeline management functionalities such as opportunity prioritization, real-time reporting etc. These tools automate sales processes improving the efficiency and productivity of the team while increasing revenue. This will turn your software into a dynamic and prospect engagement tool.

  2. No integration with intelligent telephony features:

    Seamless integration with intelligent telephony features are really crucial for the effectiveness of your inside sales team. Configuring your team’s dialing functions with algorithms and Business Intelligence to enhance routing and connect rates improves the revenue growth rates. With automated dialing features like preview dialing and click to call, you have what you need to actively engage with your contacts improving customer retention, and bottom line.

Now that you know your inside sales CRM may not be adequate for your team, what are you going to do next. From where I see, you have two options; (1) You can try to be happy with what you have, or (2) Implement a sales engagement hub, that will tackle the hassles in your present solution, and boost inside sales operations.  Your Call!!


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