5 Sales Operations Tips to Get the Best out of your Sales Team

sales operation tips

Sales operation can often be a great tool to determine the overall productive value for an organisation. It can boost your workflow productivity or bring it down.

The important aspect in this context is that often within an organisation, people don’t know how and what a sales operation team does. They have little or no knowledge about their working tactics, strategy formulation, framework building, and so on.

However, if you play the cards right, your sales operation team can give a lot of acceleration to a rather dying sales process. It can grab more prospects than you ever hoped for. It can give you a greater number of good leads over bad ones, and help you in better sales conversion.  

So, here follows a list of some very obvious sales operation points you can consider to boost your sales team’s productivity.

  1.      Knowledge of Analytics

It is very important to have clarity in terms of desired results and what your actual outcomes are. To define that, you need to have knowledge about your sales team’s statistical reports and do a thorough analysis of the reports. You can often have many goals, yet merely able to meet targets for that particular quarter, or there might be some loopholes which can be easily corrected, if you dive deep and research your daily or weekly findings.

  1.      Getting Everyone on the Same Page

If you are the face of your operation process, you need to take charge and make sure that all your sales reps are on the same page. It can often happen that some of your team members would not perform to their optimum calibre. In such scenarios, the way forward is to take baby steps and elaborate with your expertise on ‘daily goals’ for your sales team. If you define the ‘to dos’ and push them to achieve their daily targets, your team can be brought in sync and crease out all disparities in your sales operation process.

  1.      Streamline & use Technical Aid

It is crucial for your reps to understand the importance of using technology in today’s digitally inclined world. If they cannot upgrade their daily work, meeting schedules, memos to be sent, emails to be generated, follow-up calls, etc. and lean on some sales management tools, your operation process can go for a toss. To err is human. Sooner or later they will forget a minute detail or to make that call and you could lose a great deal because of it. Now, nobody wants that to happen.

  1.      Start Funnelling out Bad Leads

It is important that you leverage insights your sales team gives out or highlights. If you do not replenish your customer database frequently, chances are that your sales reps would make obsolete calls after a few months’ time.  Such leads needs to be replaced and discarded (may be stored for later persuasion, but now is not the time). The information you can gather from market research and other sales cadence tools, your sales operation team can give you 10 times more on-the-field accurate tips. It is time to start leveraging it.

  1.      Spend More Time Selling

It is a sales process. You can do a lot of homework and background check, but if you aren’t spending enough time selling, making those calls, meeting prospects, arranging or scheduling live demos, free consultations, being involved with marketing, outlining the purpose and call to actions for various campaigns, etc – chances are that your productivity levels will eventually dip. To get those deals, you need to get in tune with the best sales operation practices and start implementing it in your daily lists of tasks. This way, you can work in perfect coordination with your sales operation team and target more market share.

Sales process can often give you sleepless nights. It can make you hypertensive. Extreme pressure to crack deals, get those numbers, and convert leads, is not for the faint hearted. It is a very rapidly evolving and growing industry. It demands that you push your boundaries and beat your personal best with hard work.

There’s a famous quote from Tim Notke – “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Welcome to the world of sales!

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A sales operation is perhaps the most dynamic aspect of any organisation which revolves around customer expectations and revenue generated via converted leads.A sales operation is perhaps the most dynamic aspect of any organisation which revolves around customer expectations and revenue generated via converted leads.

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