5 Sales Follow Up Email Templates for a Winning Sales Campaign

Sales Follow up Email Templates

Sales follow ups can be brutal. At the same time what seems like a tedious, everlasting process can land you your next big client. In this highly competitive era, you need to make the best use of every opportunity, especially in sales.

Sales follow up emails are just as much gruelling. But, with good email etiquettes and a winning email template, sales follow up can turn out to be your niche in no time. With the best email marketing and sales tools available for your use, sales processes have been very much simplified.The main purpose of a sales follow up email is to receive a response from your prospect, who has not replied to your previous efforts. These successful sales follow up emails that we use on a daily basis do just that! These templates have helped us improve our sales email campaigns.

Setup a winning sales email campaign by integrating the following 5 templates with your sales email tools:

  1. Direct Approach:
    sales follow up email - direct approach
    In this email, I am reminding the prospect about the value that the company can provide and how best the prospect would benefit by mentioning a personalised service. I am stating my purpose of emailing and why I wish to have a phone conversation.

    This particular sales follow up email template creates a sense of importance and instigates a sense of responsibility in the prospect. By moving the responsibility to the prospect, it is now in the hands of the prospect to keep the ball rolling. This will happen in most cases as most people do not wish to handle such a responsibility. It is a way of re-emphasizing your business value. Another benefit from this template is that you are entitled to the phone number of the prospect if he/she agrees to have a conversation over the phone. This is one of the best ways to start conversations with a cold lead.

    This email did initiate a reply from most of the prospects. Some of them did schedule a call, while others chose to keep the conversation going via email. Either way, we secured the attention as well as the interest of the prospect

  2. Follow-Up on Unanswered Call:

    sales follow up email - unanswered callThis is a classic sales follow up email. I say classic because this particular email template is used by many sales professionals and has produced high results. You can also try leaving a voice mail and follow that up with this email. Thereby, you’ll be able to maximise your chances of receiving replies as you have tried to reach out to the prospect two times and are still awaiting their reply.

    Your prospects are not always free to attend to your sales calls. As mentioned above, the best solution would be for you to leave a voice mail stating your purpose and quickly following that up with an email. This also acts as a reminder to the prospect that you had earlier tried reaching the prospect and that he/she was unable to attend to you.

    This sales follow up email has worked very well for our sales team in procuring a reply from the prospect. The prospect often replied to us with the reason for not being able to attend the call. You can further reply with an email to reschedule the call or expanding on the purpose and grow the conversation through email.

  3. Follow-Up on Prior Phone Conversation or Meeting:
    sales follow up email - phone conversation or meeting

    This sales email template is used as a follow up to your phone conversation or meeting.  An important tip while you are on the phone or a meeting with your prospect is – to set up a deadline for the next action from your prospect. This not only gives you a date for your next follow up but also gives you a much more established base when you follow up enquiring as to why the prospect missed the deadline.

    Here I am reminding the prospect of when we had the conversation and what was discussed in the aforementioned conversation. I am also subtly hinting the value and benefit the company will be able to provide to the prospect. That fact is put through by portraying it as a solution to a problem that the prospect is having.

    The most common reply to this email was with any particular query or asking for more information. Many prospects also did enquire about the free trial that we offer and availed the same.

  4. Follow-Up Packaged With Offer:
    sales follow up email - offerThis one is a favourite here at AeroLeads. This sales follow up email template shows the effectiveness and efficiency of the product or service.

    By sending this email, you leave the prospect right next to the buying stage. As you already provide the prospect with what is required from your product or service, this solves most of the doubts of the prospect regarding your product or service. This does have a positive impact on the prospect and at least takes a further look into what you have to offer.

    This particular follow up sales email saw the best results for us. We offer a free trial of our software and also send the sample of prospects as per the customer requirement for review. All we had to do is to incorporate this into our follow-up emails. Many prospects did further continue the conversation and gradually did avail our product or service as per their requirement. In fact, very few prospects directly purchased our product or service through this email.

  5. The Last Resort:
    sales follow up email - last resort

    Before you do choose to go ahead with this particular template, I suggest that you read “Break-Up With Your Cold Inside Sales Leads” for a thorough understanding on when to terminate your interactions with a prospect.

    This is, in fact, something that we implemented following Bryan Kreuzberger’s success with the “Permission To Close Your File” template as he likes to call it.

    This email is to be sent when all else fails. When your prospect stops replying completely after multiple efforts from your end, this would be the apt email to use. By doing so, you can concentrate your efforts on prospects with a greater chance of conversion. If the prospect is interested, he/she would direct you towards the next step. Whichever the case, you have achieved your goal of reconnecting with your cold prospect.

    This email did stir up a majority of replies. Though most of them expressed their lack of interest, some prospects were actually interested and this helped us plan the next move. This way, you do not waste your resources on what is considered a dead end prospect.

    These are the top sales templates that we at Aeroleads use, and it has produced the best results for us. Do share your go-to sales follow-up email templates and your strategies to get the best results.

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This blog is authored by Vedh Jagadish – a Digital Marketer at AeroLeads. He is parallelly into Content Marketing and writes articles about marketing, sales, social media and much more across various platforms. He also manages all the social channels of AeroLeads. His Tiwtter handle is @vedhj.

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