5 Sales Call Hacks to Increase your Conversions


Tring Tring…The phone rings

Natasha: Hello who is this?

Mike: This is Mike from ABC ltd. Just calling you today to see if you would be interested in our new product.

Natasha: Why would I be interested in your product?

Mike: I saw that you feature a lot of content about fashion and I think you would be interested in  our catalogue on the latest fashion trends.

Natasha: I am a bit busy right now.

Mike: Let me know if you would be interested in learning more about our catalogue. Would be happy to help you.

Natasha: Maybe we can connect later.

Mike: Thanks for your time.

You must be thinking that the call went off well and the customer will pick up the phone next time the representative calls. The reality is that the rep got his first chance and he lost it completely due to the the repetitive pitch he was using in other calls.

Rapport building is a critical part of interaction process and lack of interest can affect the outcome which may result in customer frustration. Your managers must have handed you a written pitch to use in every sales call. But the fact is that different calls might have different scenarios and what differentiates you out from the crowd is the style in which you handle every conversation.

Always remember that your prospects are busy and if they are listening to you in the first instance, it means that they are providing you with the chance to prove the authenticity of your product. So, it is on the reps to drive the flow of conversation to a positive outcome.

There can be several reasons behind a noninteractive session with a customer. Just, remember that calling a customer might sound easy but it has various drawbacks as well. So, it is always advisable for sales reps to prepare themselves in advance to build trust and credibility for their organization.

Here are quick sales call hacks to help you power up your interaction towards a big ‘YES.’

Research around prospect’s needs: In sales call, having efficient knowledge about the prospect’s needs can help you drive the call flow to a positive conversation. Sales reps can go through the social media profile of the target customer and analyze the kind of conversation they do on a daily basis. Research by Aberdeen group says that “72.6% of salespeople using social selling as a part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often than their colleagues.” Social media is not only considered as great tool for generating leads but at the same time also creates a positive impact on the decision making process of the prospect. Thus, it is advisable for reps to implement social selling technique as a part of their sales process in order to create more conversions.

Send a formal invitation: Informing your prospect well in advance can help you save time and also lead to meaningful conversations. Sending invite through email, arranging a webinar or running an email campaign around your prospect’s needs that lands up to a demo page can be beneficial. These sorts of activities helps in earning the interest of the prospect. Also the sales reps will have a fair idea on prioritizing the leads. So, do create familiarity in the prospect’s mind by announcing your call in advance.

Ask for referrals: One of the ways to create meaningful conversation in B2B calls is by asking for referrals from existing customers. These days people rely mostly on word of mouth or user experience. What’s more important is to convey the right message to the prospect in the first level of interaction. This is only possible with the help of existing customers who can surely communicate your brand message to the target audience. Also, the referral would show additional interest in learning more about your product.

Create noise with use cases: Creating noise on social media platforms around use cases or promoting them with different branding strategies can be considered as one of the other effective ways to educate your prospect before the call. Also, the testimonials and customer quotes are a great way to generate interest and to win prospect’s trust. Prospects also get the opportunity to relate their issues and pain points with the used cases. Thus, by leveraging the testimonials and case studies, sales reps can showcase the benefits they have provided to existing customers. This will not only help in increasing the brand value but at the same time will also help in qualifying leads.

Ask more questions: Last but not the least, what reps can do for creating positive conversation is by asking relevant questions that hits on the pain point of the customer. Asking relevant questions around the subject matter can help in establishing rapport with the prospect. Also, when the customer picks up the phone, do not forget to introduce your organization. With the help of prior research that you did around prospect’s needs, you can talk about the kind of requirement the prospect has in terms of solution. When you are done with the call, create a follow up plan and nurture the customer through the pipeline for closure. You can also read more about follow up strategy in “Key Guidelines to make the Perfect Sales Follow-up Call.”

If you think that you are an expert in making more sales call, do write to us in the comments section below with your unique tricks of convincing the customer at the first go.

Happy Calling!

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