5 Sales Acceleration Strategies to Boost your Business

Sales Acceleration Strategies to Boost your Business

The world of sales is changing rapidly. Once, the sales process was all about selling  products and services remotely. And now companies have developed sales structures which include a larger mix of inside sales professionals and field sales who interact with buyers remotely. The businesses are adapting the new structures so they can accelerate their sales cycle and generate huge amount of profit and turnovers. However, it is not a simple task to perform, it requires strategies.

Here are the 5 sales acceleration strategies which can be used by the businesses to boost their sales cycle:

1) Focus on your client’s needs:

Discover your client’s needs and search for the loops as how your product is going to match their needs. When your agents know more about your clients, the customers are more likely to cherish the conversation and indulge into it and there is a greater possibility of closing the deal.

2) Pre-define your clients how you will deliver on KPIs:

Plan a route map that you would be opting for reaching your client’s key performance indicator. Prepare strategies and demonstrate your clients how your product would be helping them to boost their business. The more transparency you maintain with your clients, the better relations you build with them.

We often get what we measure, as remarked by Bernard Marr. This is essentially why KPIs are powerful.

3) Hit only on qualified buyers:

Sales reps have their rigid targets to fulfill, that too in limited period of time. It is highly imperative to pre-determine before pitching to the clients whether they hold the authority for making the purchasing decisions or not and what exactly their budget is. It is a critical aspect in the sales acceleration program because it determines the urgency position of your client.

4) Ask for referrals:

Probably your sales reps are rarely asking for referrals. And unknowingly they are under utilizing the privilege of asking their existing client for the new referrals. Include an obligatory point in your sales reps training, that they must ask for referrals to every client who shows them a gentle gesture. Your current satisfied clients can help you expand your network and have more potential new clients. The next cycle with the referral would accelerate your sales cycle and they would be easy to pitch because they are being referred by someone, they already share a bond with.

5) Follow up:

It is very important for your sales reps to follow up with the clients after the pitch. This is one mistake that they might be making. It is even necessary if your client doesn’t wish for an immediate purchase. The follow up sales emails is one ultimate method to create perfect image of the business and yourself. This helps in developing reliable and credible relation with the prospects. Your reps could lose a potential pitch, only for the reason that they missed following up with your clients.

6) Ask for sale:

It is a mistake done by most of the reps that they don’t ask for sale explicitly after the pitch. If you don’t ask for it to your clients, it might not happen ever.  .

The sales acceleration strategy program would help you increase sales and generate high revenues and profits for your company. Please share your views, I would love to hear from you.

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