5 Quick Tips for B2B Marketing Lists

If you are in the business of selling to other businesses, Marketing Lists is where you start. We have recently invested in a Marketing Automation System. In this post I would like to give you five quick tips to manage your lists better. 


“Segment”, “Segment”, “Segment”

The very first step even before you create your first lead / contact is understanding personas. If you have one list and you plan to market on that then eventually you would have no contacts interested. 

Segmentation is necessary to a) Have Relevant Content b) Measure and Track performance across segments and give inputs to your corporate strategy team.

A good way to start this is by understanding Geographies, Verticals, Size and Departments of your Prospects / Contacts.

Lists are living organisms, not things

List creation is a continuous process and not just the beginning. They have to grow (and shrink!) based on responses, engagement, etc. Lead Scoring is one way to keep track on each contact in the engagement journey and how likely is s/he to buy.

The intelligence that you keep adding to the list will make your marketing programs more effective. Think of Data as the biggest Intellectual property of the marketing department.

Thou shalt not spam

This one is really tough. With SaaS based tools all offering you cheap emailing; it’s very tempting to send all mails to all members. Imagine yourself in the contact’s shoes. Make sure that frequency is not more than once in 4 weeks and the content is relevant. Finally give an option to opt-out. Don’t worry; if you have a content strategy is in place the contact will again come to you; if you are relevant. If not … may be he was not a prospect at all.

Automate or Perish

The Marketing function around nurturing and database management is much more than just email campaigns. One has to be doing Web Tracking, Journey management, A/B Testing, Blogging, Calling, Social Media and all these result in a contact coming into your list or his score increasing. Add to that the complexity of a contact being passed to sales and then coming back for nurturing. If you are still managing most these functions in separate tools with manual intervention then sooner or later you will be overwhelmed. 

The Data KPI

Finally have a KPI defined around Data. This should include Correctness, Size, Coverage, Conversion% and Yes the MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) as parameters. From a User Role perspective chalk out who is responsible for Data Management in your organization. We at Texo have a separate research team within the inside Sales function which works very closely with Marketing to keep our Data healthy.

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