5 Must Have Sales Productivity Tools

sales productivity tools

In a sales centric setup, it is very important to keep a tab of your sales reps productivity index. It can either make acquiring prospects easy, or it can all go haywire. This is why it becomes crucial to lean on some sales productivity tools and making selling from an every day’s chore.

If you look at the statistics, you will gather an idea that only about 30% of your rep’s time is actually spent on core selling activities. The rest is taken up by other tasks which aids them in keeping a track of their performance, preparing a list of approachable prospects, best times to call, background research and analysing other crucial market factors, which play an instrumental role in shaping up the overall sales process. And I am in absolute favour of this.

But, with the advent of technology and the dawn of digital awareness, one can chose to rely upon certain guides and help options. These aids can be in the form of many available sales productivity tools, management tools, and other applications or online indexes to boost and accelerate sales in a sales centric organisation.

So take that leap of faith and empower your sales team to get more opportunities, close more deals and get more business.

To do the same, here’s a list of some of the most talked about sales productivity tools. Have your pick and let the numbers do the talking.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is ‘the hub of customer engagement’. If you are working in a sales circuit and haven’t heard of this, it is time you start doing your homework. It is a platform that uses cloud technology to connect organisations with customers, partners and employees. It makes it really easy for your sales reps to get connected across channels and promotes transparency in transactions and business models.

2. Yesware

It is a dream tool for all sales teams. It gives you the freedom to stay connected with prospects, grab opportunities and close deals, all from your Gmail, iPhone inbox, Outlook etc. You can also check the ‘read mail’ status, know who is interested in conducting a meeting, and what are the odds of cracking a deal. This becomes your highway to easy and secure messaging, with instant connectivity.

3. Inside Sales Box

 In a genral setup, your sales reps need to manually keep records of all transactions, accounts, prospect details, lead status and day-to-day work done. ‘Inside Sales Box’ is one such tool that gives your sales team an edge over other tools. They don’t have to manually do any of this and can be guided to follow consistent selling practices too. It gives your reps the advantage of connecting with prospects in real-time basis, notifying them about every prospect action, emails, messages, etc. They have the option to create a bucket list of all important to dos and be in synchronization with growing trends and lead status. This and much more! ISB lets your team be awesome. Time to book a free demo?

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you have been following my blog updates, you would know how important LinkedIn Sales Navigator is. It is one tool which can make your brand a superstar and get your more leads, as compared or combined by other handful of tools. The best thing about this tool is that it gives you the option to first trust and then buy. You know the art of selling, let LinkedIn teach you the science of it. This sales productivity tool is a no brainer. You need to have this on-board. Now.

5. Proposify

No, it is not Valentine’s week and I am not messing with your hormones. As the name of this sales productivity tool says, it helps you make the best proposals, to be sent to your prospects. If they like it, they can sign it electronically and let you know that they are interested. A sales proposal is your first point of contact with your leads. You need to make sure they like what they read, it fits their criteria of promoting business and should be customised as per the client’s profile. If you send the same product proposal to all your prospects, chances are that you will lose the best of your leads.

I hope this blog has helped you in boosting your product/ services sales. If you have more insights to add or any feedback, feel free to drop us a comment below.

Till then, Happy selling!

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