5 Inside Sales Tips to Win More Referrals from Existing Customers

 5 Inside Sales Tips to Win More Referrals

Asking the client a referral for the 1st time might become a shaky situation for sales reps. But the reps shouldn’t feel awkward because it’s a part of their job to achieve targets, and what better way to do that than referral selling. Many reps hesitate to ask for referrals simply because they haven’t had any luck doing so in the past. Sales reps need to remember that customers provide referrals only if they are satisfied with what you do. Everything comes down to ‘faith’; the faith your clients have on you and your company will enable them to understand the true nature of the request and will be responding accordingly.

By the end of 5th or 6th call, the reps will be in ease to ask for the referrals. Simultaneously, the reps will learn numerous techniques to ask in a different manner to different clients. Here are 5 inside sales tips a rep can use while asking referrals from their clients:

1) Know exactly when to ask:

The best referral comes from the client whom you had served to the level of excellence. You wouldn’t dare to ask any if u failed while doing your job. To set yourself up for success, consider pairing referral requests with positive client outcomes. The moment you feel they are overwhelmed with your performance, get prepared to fetch yourself the next prospect with their help.

Whenever a customer compliments you, respond with a thank you, quickly followed by a referral request. For example, “I’m so pleased you’re happy with my work. Do you know anyone else who can benefit from my services?”

2) Identify whom to ask:

Do the homework before; prepare yourself whom you are going to ask for the favor. You cannot blindly knock on every door for referrals. Instead make a list of the customers whom you can rely upon and would be generous enough to help you fetch another prospect. This way the sales reps can save both their and the client’s time.

3) Prepare a Marketing Material:

Any marketing materials you create for an existing client should include a statement like, “Referrals to friends, relatives or business associates. We would love to serve them too”. You can prepare it through a form and send it to them via emails. Do the ritual during the sales process, but only after you get the signal that the client is being impressed by your performance. Only then it will be fruitful.

4) Remind your customers about your existence regularly:

Interact with all the present and past customers regularly, and look for a chance to request them for any referral they can offer to you. But remember, just to fulfill your targets do not eat their heads and call them in their personal times or every now and then. This will annoy them and they will forget your hard work in the past and you will lose the ones you have now. Rather sending your existing customers a mail is a better idea to follow up, then if you call they will have an idea and respond to you accordingly.

5) Delight your clients by giving special offers:

Ask your client a referral and if they agree to give you one, provide them with exclusive offers, discounts, or a free gift. Anything that comes in cheaper or for free definitely attracts. So this can really help you achieve your targets. And promise them to offer them even better if the referral becomes one of your clients. This will motivate your customers and will eventually help you getting your goals.

It takes a bit of an effort to ask for an additional favor from your clients. Strike the rod when the time is right. All it takes is the efficient skills of the sales rep to accomplish the job successfully.

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