5 Indispensable Inside Sales Skills To Become a Sales Pro


Talking about sales, of lately everybody is pointing out “hustle” and “grind” required to excel and make a mark in the sales world. But what is getting overshadowed here is the importance of basic sales skills which influence the overall performance of a sales rep in the long run. Inside sales training is an ongoing process and a sales manager should look at it from a sales coach’s view and aim to inculcate inside sales skills which will reap long term benefits than mere short term gains.

Every sales playbook is designed with the aim to turn sales reps into sales pros. So, instead of just rushing through the process, more importance and time should be given to develop the following imperative skills:

Be a Product Champion

Albert Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”. Hence, it doesn’t matter how good you are at prospecting or negotiating; if you don’t understand your product well you can’t be a top performing sales rep. Period. So it’s highly crucial that you understand your product inside-out and know what value propositions resonate with the specific personas.

Be an Active Listener

Being in sales doesn’t mean you just have to deliver your pitch upfront to the prospects. It calls for a two way communication wherein you first have to understand the prospect’s requirement to deliver a tailor made pitch by highlighting the value proposition that meet their needs. All this require a sales rep to be an active listener and give attention to the details given by the prospect.

Ask Right Qualification Questions

It’s a no brainer that poorly qualified lead hampers the overall productivity of a sales rep to great extent. All the time and effort that goes into attending a wrong prospect is vain. Sales reps should ask the relevant qualification questions during the discovery stage rather than just trying to sell them every random product feature. Discovery phase should be well structured and sales rep should ask questions that would lead to prospect’s pain points.

Demo Like a Pro

Demo is one of the most decisive aspects in B2B sales and can literally make or break the deal. In addition to the product understanding, sales reps must stand out in showing off the product to the prospects. While demonstrating your product, you should keep in mind the prospect’s pain points and requirement to customize it accordingly. More attention should be given to the features that suffice the prospect’s needs rather than just throwing random product functionalities at them.

Pre-empt Objections

Sales rep should be well prepared to handle usual product related objections beforehand. A proactive approach towards analysing objections in similar cases helps you to be in a better position while demonstrating the product and make you look confident in front of the prospects. Also, this will reduce the sales cycle strategically as prospects will be not be having any apprehensions as they move ahead in the buying process.

Inside Sales reps should aim for continuous learning and development while being focussed on their basic skills, as these are the roots of your overall skill set.

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