5 Hand-Picked Mobile Apps for Sales Reps


Last night, I woke up pretty hungry. It was around 10 PM, and I just did not have the patience to cook food. So, I took my smart phone and ordered a nice meal from one of the famous food-apps. It was delivered hot and fresh to me within minutes, without any added efforts or tedious routine work.

For a brief second, the power which technology and smartphones render to us overwhelmed me with such great pride. Hello Technology!

The next big thought that crossed over my mind was – what if we could use mobile apps for sales reps too? What if one can have complete power and authority with your business doings, scheduling meetings, setting up conferences, managing mails and auto scheduling replies and new agendas to be sent to prospects, as per their preferred time of interaction. Managing sales operation is an uphill task. This becomes even more tough and frightening when your field sales reps are left alone to fend for themselves. When they are faced with circumstances they were not prepared to handle, like last minutes scenario changes, a sudden meeting cancellation or change in venue, the meeting hours. In a sales reps life, every minute counts.

The first few hours of the day are usually about reviews, mapping a plan for the day, scheduling meetings, etc. now any glitch in this plan can ruin the whole day, leading to lack in productivity.

Here’s how technology plays it’s part in overcoming this hurdle. Everyone uses a smartphone these days. If not a phone, you have access to high-tech computers, iPads, tablets, etc. This can gel very well with your business’s needs and requirements.

If you educate your sales force about mobile apps for sales reps, you would see that thebenefits make your sales a whooping success and does real good for your employees too.

To get this done and push you ahead in business, here’s a small list of some mobile apps for sales reps to boost productivity and manage time.

1. Sybse mobile sales

This one mobile app for sales reps is ideal for those who want to access all their CRM data from anywhere and on-the-go. This app also gives you the advantage to do field mapping/ enabling or disabling CRM, as per you seem fit. It can be installed on any smart phone and can be easily accessed.

2. Keynote

In sales you need to pitch products and services. You need to have exceptional compelling skills, you need to be good with presentations, pitches and demos. Keynote lets you make powerful presentations, modeled as per your business needs. It allows gives its users the flexibility to work with various mobile technology platforms like ios and android, making it really user friendly and result oriented.

3. Salesforce

With this one, you can actually run your business from your phone. This also allows you to have access to marketing features and to turn your consumers into avid customers. If you have been in a sales industry for some time now, salesforce is very hard to miss. Mostly, it gives you full control of operations and customization to help boost business and sales. This mobile app for sales reps is a sure-shot success and a must have.

4. Zoho

An online award winning suite, which is an all-encompassing platform for online business, productivity and collaboration process. Zoho makes it easy to operate business from anywhere or even while on-the-go.

5. Repsly

This mobile app for sales reps is honestly the best of both worlds. It allows you the freedom to manage your team along with sales process enablement. Managers can tap in and have real-time access to monitor reps works and teach them tactics, while reps can capture client requirements and collect data even while on the go.

I hope these apps makes sales fun for you and your team. If you have more such views about other great apps, let me know in the comments section.

Till then, Happy Selling!

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