5 Critical Areas to be Covered in B2B Sales Training

Inside Sales Training

Inside salesis a major and strong revenue pillar for any B2B company, specifically for SaaS businesses. Inside sales teams have a complete knowledge of the changing dynamics of selling across geographies, the product and the latest innovations happening in the industry.

The rapidly changing technology ecosystem powered by the cloud, analytics and internet of things has lowered the cost of technology investment and  market entry, making the industry even more competitive. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for B2B businesses to set up proper induction and regular training sessions for their inside sales teams.

Here are the 5 Most Important Areas to be included in your B2B sales training program:

1)   Product knowledge:

Sales rep training should highly focus on delivering comprehensive product knowledge. Reps who fumble while providing product information to the customers are more likely to lose a chance of striking a deal or create a relationship. Adequate product training can help them sell better to their B2B customers. They can explain the features better, they can convince empathetically as why they should prefer your product over your competitor’s brand. An agent with deep product knowledge separates them from the rest.  

2) Rapport building over the phone:

Rapport building is a major integral part for building customer relationships. Inside sales rep has to go through the training process to power up their skills and abilities. Because they perform everything on a phone they have to work harder especially when they come across the clients who are hostile and reluctant to purchase.

Research prospects on LinkedIn and look for common grounds to empathize with them can help your reps to achieve their targets.

3) Prospect Qualification:

Train your reps what best questions they can ask their prospects. They need to understand first what the prospect’s requirements are. Customers will not be interested in your product unless they have their own benefits in it. So, it is savorless sharing all your product features with them, it will rather be confusing. Ask the related qualifying questions to know their needs, budget, time-limit and what difficulties they are facing with their current product.

If your client is using a product which is of a major solution, the rep should be able to evaluate whether it is worth spending their time or not. If yes then convince your prospect that your product will give them long term benefits.

4)  Demo training:

Demo skill is a must for every sales rep, in order to pitch to a B2B customer. Providing product features will not be enough for a sales lead, a demo has to be tagged along with it. Demos are challenging, throwing too many features on your sales rep in one single training session will confuse them. Practicing the demo presentation gradually would enhance their skills and the reps will be able to flaunt the product to the client.

5) Closing the deal technique:

It is one major field to focus on. Your prospects might get totally convinced and agree to buy your product. But they might ditch you at the end. So, training your sales reps on this part is badly needed. They must push the clients to purchase immediately. Your clients might ask you few months or weeks to research in order to find something better than you are offering. But very cautiously your reps need to create a sense of urgency in the prospect’s minds that they are missing out a great deal which will later help them generate huge profits and revenues. But at the same time the reps can not be too pushy they will look desperate.

Subsequent B2B sales training tips can polish the skills and increase the competency of the sales reps and turn them into top performers. It is worthwhile only if you provide regular training sessions to your reps. How are you training your reps? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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