4 Habits to be an Effective Sales Development Representative


Beginning of the Quarter

Sales Head: Sam, how is your funnel showing up?
Sam: Mam, things look positive and I am sure it will be a rocking quarter.
Sales Head: Interesting, All the Best.

Middle of the Quarter

Sales Head: How’s your positive streak going Sam?
Sam: (Takes a while) We are still close to crack some deals but have missed on few.
Sales Head: We will meet at the end of next month, get going.

End of the Quarter

Sales Head: So what’s the news Sam, are we good?
Sam: It’s been a hectic quarter, I had to chase many and in between those some of our old customers got angry on few of the issues but overall we are good.
Sales Head: I am glad you are out with flying colors, let us discuss for next Quarter.

AND this continues….
A sales development representative is always on the run. With organization’s revenue car in their hands, they cannot think of driving it slow. The job is tough, as they have to meet their targets while promptly servicing the existing client base.

With the above conversation, we can clearly see how hectic each quarter is for a sales development representative. But what about their each day? How do they spend their each day to come out and laugh at the end of the quarter? Before answering these questions, let us have a look of some of the activities that a sales development representative follows over a month:

  • Make Calls, Send Emails and Request Follow-ups
  • Plan Travel Schedules
  • Arrange Customer Meetings
  • Attend Training Sessions
  • Actual Selling

And some more that has a lower percentage to be included in the list

With all such activities, the day of a sales development representative looks quite challenging. Answering to the questions mentioned in previous paragraph, a sales rep should plan their day in a way that can help them extract meaningful results leading towards successful funnel completion.

We know that Sales reps have to take control of so many activities during the day, hence it becomes more than necessary for them to strategize their daily habits. These daily habits will not only help them to successfully manage their pipeline but will also assist in making their life easy and streamlined.

1. Keep your Sales Pipeline Up-to-date: Maintaining your sales pipeline should be like maintaining your home: It’s better to do it on a daily basis instead of doing once a month – think about the spider webs! For a sales development representative to be productive and successful, it takes updated information to be available to them when approaching the prospects. It will not take more than 30 minutes a day to keep the pipeline clean and accurate. Such a habit will help you organize better and chuck away the existence of any rush during critical hours.

2. Promises are never meant to be broken: Remember, to be an effective sales development representative, it is necessary to stick on your words. Your tongue should add value to work rather than being used to apologise. If you have promised a follow-up or a call back, DO NOT FORGET IT. The reason is not unknown as if you forget such things, your prospect might feel unhappy, not important or less valued. Maintain your meeting/ follow-up/ email schedules with the help of calendars/diaries that can help you remind everything even if you forget.

3. Automation Softwares are there for your rescue: For a sales development representative, time is everything. If you have a time on your side, you can conquer anything. To save time and hit the revenue charts, do invest time in automating your day-to day tasks. Use email automation software that can help you automate follow-ups, use data and contact validators to verify contact data and other tools which can help you monitor your tasks and time consumed to perform those tasks. Maintaining such habits will help you score big!

4. Social Media can help you connect better: As far as sales process is concerned, it is necessary for you to know the best way to use social media channels to amplify your prospecting, presenting, value addition etc. Linkedin is a great source to hunt your targeted prospects and at the same time can be used to maintain long term relationships with a huge number of prospects/customers. Similarly twitter and facebook helps you to keep a track over the ongoing trends and customer’s needs. Thus, reps can leverage social media platforms to be on top of the game and to prove their sales mettle.

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