3 Reasons to Follow A Sales Cadence

3-Reasons-to-Follow-a-sales-Cadence.pngConverting a lead in the very first attempt is a dream that every sales guy cherishes. And then, there is reality.

Reaching out to prospects in today’s scenario is a totally different ball game. Prospects are overwhelmed with sales messaging thrown their way from all the possible routes. But what’s important is that today’s buyer is more knowledgeable and empowered than ever and knows what he/she needs even before approaching the seller. So, the question is how can salespeople move through this clutter to get the valuable time of their prospects.

It might sound theoretical, but persistently following a consistent and predictable workflow, guarantees to take you places. Numbers back this statement in a much better way- research shows that sales teams following structured sales workflow achieve their quotas 57% of the time as opposed to those who go about it randomly .

Sales development reps (SDRs) can work more efficiently if they have a well-defined process to follow-up with their leads across the sales pipeline.

Sales Cadence is the name of the game. It helps SDRs to scale their sales prospecting efforts and manage their sales pipeline in a much productive manner without letting any leads fall off the gaps. We all have heard that as per the industry standards, on an average 8-12 touchpoints are required for every lead to initiate conversation. But, going by the research- Only 10% of salespeople make more than 3 touch points with a prospect. Hence, following a well-defined sales cadence is a must for your SDRs to champion their prospecting activity.

Inside Sales Box not only helps SDRs to follow a consistent workflow but also automates the complete process to save their precious selling time.

Let’s look at the 3 reasons to follow a sales cadence and be a sales pro:

Persistent Follow Ups For More Opportunities

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that persistence is the key in sales, in the words of Mark Hunter-”We never know when the next phone call made will open the the door to the biggest sale made”. With inside Sales Box you just have to define a sales outreach process including calls, emails, social touch points for your everyday sales outreach process and the system will ensure you follow it without much ado. This will ensure that you attribute your time towards all your leads in a well-planned and structured manner to get the maximum outputs.

No More Manual Tracking of Daily Activities

Think about it, how much of your work hours go in putting all the schedules and tasks together. Now if a tool can do this for you automatically, how much more can you accomplish. You just need to define the sales outreach workflow and let the system do all the planning for your daily work plan. Everyday when SDRs begin their work, they already have their daily tasks and activities aligned and they are all set to do what they are best at-Selling!

Manage Sales Pipeline Without Any Hassles

When you follow a structured approach towards your leads, you get a much better understanding about them and are well-placed to take any decision about them. Hence, while managing your sales pipeline you know what next action is required on each of them. A well managed sales pipeline results in a well-defined approach leading to clear goal. Also, following a sales cadence will help you identify what works for different types of leads and thus, helps to define an appropriate workflow for specific lead types.

Following a sales cadence can give a new lease of life to the sales leads and generate opportunities that wouldn’t have been foreseen with a random approach to sales.

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