2016: 5 Sales Strategies You Should Adopt At The Earliest

Sales strategies of 2016

Darren L. Johnson had once remarked “If you want to grow, you must learn to let go.” Your sales team requires clamp on new selling strategies to upsurge their sales process. So are you still chasing your old school methodology for winning client’s trust and closing deals?

Let me tell you that you are chasing a pelican when you know that there are lot more ways to catch more fish from the pond. Catching fish might sound difficult but at the same time will provide you with the opportunity to have the largest piece served on your table. Moving towards building fresh new strategy is very difficult but when its execution leaves footprints on the client’s door then these strategies become the ‘mantra’ for your complete sales troop.

With the end of the year 2015, reps may have different resolutions and targets set in their mind for the current year. Reflect on your organization’s performance and develop your own targets for the new year, it’s also a great time to develop some fresh new sales strategies for your team to help them build new bonds with prospects. If you have thought about them- great! If not,

Here are some fresh new sales strategies that might come handy:

Enable reps with mobile friendly sales supporting app: Gone are the days when the sales manager used to discuss the joint performance and goal of entire team in the monthly meeting. In today’s competitive market reps need to be smart and efficient for winning customers. The digital customers are having never ending demand as their buying options are endless. They are being constantly interrupted from emails and social media notifications which have significantly damaged their ability to focus on a single buyer. Ultimately, they rely on buyers who are smart and have great ability to convince customers. Therefore, reps have to be careful in evaluating their ability as well as the ability of their competition. Managers should provide their team with mobile friendly sales supporting application where they can manage their day to day task and can analyze their daily performance. This will enable them to prepare well in advance for any vigorous situation. The mobile friendly sales supporting app will make the reps more insightful towards their set goals.

Focus more on selling time: Are your sales reps falling into the depth of disproportional tasks instead of targeting new customers? Automate the manual sales process and workflows for formulating goals, resolving disputes, and individual report generation will save sales reps time and will help in streamlining day to day sales operation activities.

Be sure about the level of client’s expertise: Are you overestimating your client’s knowledge and expertise? Are you sure that he is the right person to approach with all the right answers for your questions? Let me tell you that your client may be a CEO or a Vice president of some XYZ company but he might not have the expertise of your product domain. Reps assume that their clients know everything which leads them on a problematic path. They usually start by asking open-ended questions such as “what are you looking for?” or “when are you looking to move forward?” The situation can be troublesome if the client’s response is wrong which can either lead you to be their adversary while correcting them or an advocate while assisting them with alternate solutions.

Be ready to stay ahead of emerging conditions: Territory planning involves massive effort of the entire sales team as it is judged on various parameters. It is a very exhausting activity but once done successfully, it is worth the effort. Your sales plan will not perform well unless you optimize your territory coverage. Reps must ensure that the Inside sales software they are using contains geographic intelligence. This will help the reps in calibrating their skill distribution according to the territory sizing.

Get out of the price-cut tactic to crack a deal:  There is a huge difference between maintaining and closing sales deals. Great sales managers know how to close deals in a given time frame without using outmoded tactic of offering less price to crack a particular deal. Thus, these proactive managers avoid such tactics which might backlash them later as the client might always expect a huge price cut and open all time negotiations when signing a new deal. Smart managers often get innovative in discussions with clients and make them visualize about the benefits being offered to them leaving behind any space for arguments.

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