12 Ways to Recruit a Phenomenal Sales Team


Proficient and capable salespeople are a vital asset for all businesses. They are often the first point of contact for your prospects and customers and add to an organization’s bottom line heavily.

However, building a high-quality sales team is not always easy. It requires the Sales or Inside Sales managers to invest a considerable amount of time and money to assemble a team of awesome sales reps.

Choosing and recruiting right people require a right hiring strategy and a hands-on approach to ensure you hire the best.

Below are some strategies that can be employed for recruiting the perfect sales team:

Recruit Salespeople on an Ongoing Basis

Do not start looking for replacements when salespeople leave. The urgency of replacing the lost talent can force you to compromise and the ones hired might be merely the talent available rather than ideal candidates who are a great fit for the company.

Instead, an organization should develop a system that attracts sales talent on an ongoing basis. Promoting your company’s culture, values and rewards on your websites and social media sites for the type of people you are looking to hire would be of great help. If someone shows interest in working with your organization, ask for his sales results in past positions and how did they manage to win complex accounts. Check all the resumes that are submitted on the website and keep a record of the ones who have demonstrated great results in the past and can be an ideal fit for your company.

Post the Vacant Positions on Job Boards

Job sites have proved to be an amazing source of sales professionals who are willing and eager to switch their jobs. With the help of these sites, you can easily get the right candidates for your company. However, it is essential to be familiar with its usage and the filtering rules to reach the optimal person you are searching for. Employer can refine the job descriptions and easily pursue the candidates based on their experience and resume.

Advertise in Multiple Places

You never know where you will find a good candidate. Although, posting vacancies on job boards can prove to be beneficial, companies should also utilize social media sites such as LinkedIn and can also tie up with a few recruitment agencies. All these combined would give you a wide and better candidate pool to choose from.

Work Hard when Writing the Job Description

Different sales profiles would require different traits, skills and experience. Some individuals(Sales or Inside Sales reps) might need to sell to big firms and some can be engaged to look after the small accounts depending on the size of the company and level of person one is dealing with. Therefore, develop a detailed job description depending on your requirements that clearly communicates what you want from a candidate.

Subscribe to LinkedIn’s Recruiting Tool

LinkedIn has a very powerful search available for finding the right resources. With a premium account, you can master even the toughest searches with powerful filters and expand the searches to the entire LinkedIn network to zero in on the ideal candidates as soon as possible.

Build a Recruiting Referral Program

Develop an incentive program for your current employees to refer salespeople who can perform extraordinarily for the company. Your staff can be the best people to judge and recommend the best fit for the company. Offer them with attractive cash rewards after successfully hiring a person referred by them. This will encourage them to involve in the process actively and will honestly work towards recruiting a good colleague.

Hire from your Competitors

A person working for your competitor and delivering good results can be an absolute fit for your organization as well. He/she will already be well aware of the industry landscape and will have a deep understanding of the products from the beginning. You will not have to invest much time and energy to train them, hence decreasing their ramp up time.

Opt for a Phonic Interview

Have a brief discussion over the phone before going for a face-to-face interview with the person who seems to have qualified your assessment criteria based on the resume and experience. This would give you a clear indication if he/she possesses the characteristics and skills that you mentioned in the job description, thus saving your valuable time which can be wasted if opting for an in person discussion with an imperfect salesperson.

Have Multiple Interviewers on Board

It makes the process easy and lightens the load of the hiring managers. It also shortens the interview process and helps in preparing an honest feedback for the interviewee. If one interviewer has missed something then others might get the chance to notice that. One interviewer can ask questions, while the others can take notes and focus on the interviewees’ reactions.

Focus more on Skills than Experience

Recruiting for specific attributes and skills, as opposed to only experience, is beneficial for companies. Experience and education might not be as important to a candidate’s success as the soft skills they posses.Experience may not imply quality but core skills are applicable to a wide variety of environments.

Ask Questions to Measure Personality Traits

Hiring right salespeople can lead to a steady increase in sales and personality traits of a person play a crucial role when evaluating him/her for a sales role. Traits such as hunger to achieve, competitiveness, optimism etc are imperative to survive and outlast in the sales world. Prepare a questionnaire to judge the candidate on all these traits. Read more about the traits to look for when hiring a sales rep.

Put Candidates to Sales Assessment Tests

Sales professionals are people who sell your company to clients. Its better you test them on their ability to do that. Let them go through a sales assessment test that can quantify their demonstrations of the traits and qualities sought. Incorporating some aptitude tests could simplify things for a manager for judging candidates.

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