12 Most Positive Buying Signals from Sales Prospects

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Sales reps are always looking to pounce on every opportunity they can get their hands on. It takes immense effort to assure sales prospects that the product is good enough and it matches their requirements. At times, sales prospects are worried about their decision to get the deal finalised, as they fear the worst and this is where a sales rep’s work becomes even more important and at the same time, gruesome.

However, as a sales rep, if you are not required to grind too much to sell, there is nothing better than it. Many a time, sales prospects give you certain buying signals that you need to act upon. If prospects show their willingness to buy, it is a perfect icing on the cake as you need not get too much into detailing of products/services.

Here are a few of the buying signals that sales prospects give, and something that sales rep must act upon quickly to get things rolling in their favour.

  1. When they ask about a specific product: This is one of the major signals from a prospect to let sales reps know about their slow inclination towards a product. The questions are usually related to colour, style or some other details about the product. It means something has triggered them towards your offering.
  2. Asking about product pricing: Pricing of the product is often the aspect that decides whether the product is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for the prospect. More often than not, the purchase of a product revolves around its price. And once a prospect asks about it, a sales rep must take it as an indication that a purchase might be on the cards.
  3. Asking about the benefits: When a prospect goes deep into the process and asks about something like the warranty period, you must understand that they are trying to find out if the service you provide is reliable enough, or not. If this happens, that prospect is close enough to becoming a customer.
  4. Asking about the start of service/delivery date: These questions indicate that your prospect has already decided that your company is the best choice, and is probably eager to complete the deal. A good sales reply would be “when do you need it”?
  5. Asking about the terms and conditions: By asking about the terms and conditions your sales prospects are making sure about what to expect from you and your organization. If this is the case, a sales rep can take it as a buying signal and proceed towards getting things done in the right manner.
  6. When they ask about your organization: When a prospect asks you what your organization is all about, how long have you been present in the market, and who your customers are – the prospect is trying to know about the reliability factor. Hence, do not hesitate to put the foot on the pedal and set things up nicely for the future.
  7. Asking about the mode of payment: Whenever money comes into the picture, a prospect is more rooted on buying. Therefore, if questions such as – “how do I make the payment?”, or “when do I need to make the payment?” come up, be rest assured that the prospect has started to incline towards making a purchase.
  8. Repetition: Sales reps often do not take repetition as a buying signal. If a prospect is overtly worried about a certain aspect of your offering and comes up with questions relating to it repeatedly, it must be taken as a signal of purchase. Moreover, you must try to give them a suitable enough answer so that they are not worried too much about it.
  9. Asking “Where do we go from here?”: If a prospect asks you, “where do we go from here”, or “what do we do next”. Stop, whatever you are doing and focus on getting things done as the prospect would have already closed the deal in their mind.

There are some more signals that a sales organization must look for, especially with respect to online activities:

  1. Visiting your site more than once in a day: When your prospect visits your site more than once a day, you can be sure that they are carrying out some research on your products. Once you track that someone is visiting your site multiple times in a day, do not take the back seat. This is the buying signal you have been looking for. Hence, do not be late to act on it.
  2. If they visit your pricing page often: If a prospect is visiting your pricing page quite often, take it as a buying signal, as they are carrying out a research on how you have priced your products, compared to your competitors. 

  3. Reviewed Case Studies on your site: Before most B2B buyers make the purchase, they want to know what results other customers have generated. Set a trigger on your case studies page to alert you or your rep when a prospect visits the case studies section of your website. 

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