10 Types of Sales Leads That Will Make you Quiver [Infographic]

Types of Sales Leads .jpg
It must be pretty easy for you and your team to be pumped up every time you catch hold of newinside sales leads? But wait, have you weighed your leads and carefully classified their disposition or key characteristics?

Of course you haven’t done lead management, because very few of us can boast to actually identify the type of sales leads before the initiation of serious business talks. Fret not; we have managed to get our hands on the various monsters that sales leads can actually turn out to be, how they can make sales reps quiver and finally, how you can deal with them.

This Infographic from Salesforce provides some great classification of leads based on – how annoying they can be, what is their persistence level, how much time they are likely to consume, and how common can these sales leads be among your vast pool of prospects. We also show you tips for quiker sales lead conversion.

So, delve into the Infographic, because it can be your only salvation, the next time you pick up the phone or start to mail sales leads.

 Type of Sales Leads.png

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