10 Shocking Facts every Sales Manager must Know [Infographic]


We all know that Selling is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort and a strategy driven approach to outperform in this domain.

Below is featured an infographic  by The TAS Group, in partnership with Salesforce Work.com, that displays 10 Things about Sales Performance that every Sales Manager should know. It highlights some of the very sobering facts and stats that will leave you surprised.

One of the shocking facts reveals that a full 2/3rd of salespeople miss their quota and 67% of the sales professionals do not attain individual quota.

Additionally, 40% of the salespeople can’t understand customer’s pain. According to a research, only about 60% of the sales professionals take the pain of uncovering customer pain and those reps are 28% more likely to achieve their sales quota.

To know more of such astonishing stats on sales performance, I recommend you to read the infographic below.


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