10 Most Common Grammar Bloopers you Should Avoid in Sales

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A.P Martinich once said that great philosophy is nothing but excellent grammar. If you look closely at this marvellous statement, you will realize the depth and connotation it sparks.

In the present age, if you look at the ever-blooming number of ‘world languages’, one would find English among the top three spoken languages of the world. And like any language, the make and feel of it is marked by the syntax, morphology and a few other rules, collectively known as ‘Grammar’.

But wait… why are we talking about grammar, rules and exceptions? What has this got to do with inside sales and lead scoring? Well, this has everything to do with each of them. There have to be some ground rules while practicing any profession or being involved in a business setup. For inside sales reps, the ground rule ‘unmoving and non-pardonable’ is to have great communication skills- both verbal and written. This is when grammar comes into the picture. You cannot half-bite an apple and expect full benefits, can you? Then, how can one communicate, (not just blatantly say) without the comfort and aid of correct grammar.

Communication skills make it easier for sales reps to put across their point, to let the prospects know why they should go ahead with their product or service; what is it that is so unique and different about their product making strategy to get a thumbs up and a lot more. Your grammar will help you sound more equipped and confident than you usually sound and appear, provided it is not jumbled and makes no or little sense. Let me elucidate it with an example.

Dear Customer,

We have a amazing offer for you, to avail this quick and easy services from us. Your our priority. Plz reply to let us know when can we fix you‘re things.

Many thanks!

Read this small email draft, it includes some of the most common errors which people often commit while drafting emails or sending direct messages. Needless to say, I would not avail any service(s) from this vendor, to get anything fixed.

Here’s a list of some most common mistakes people should definitely never commit:

  1. There, Their and They’re– Look them up. One belongs there, one is their choice and they’re all different.
  1. Your and You’re– The difference is really simple. Former refers to owning something and the later being something.
  1. Comparing? – Incomplete comparisons makes it really tough for a reader or a listener to gather the complete text of the statement. Clearly mention or clarify ‘what that something else is’ which you are better at, more reliable than, less costly from.
  1. Than and Then– While comparing something(s), ‘than’ comes into picture and hence in the sentence. While referring to a time frame, ‘then’ must be used. Always.
  1. Combining Words – More ignorance than typographical, this nullifies the meaning of most of the words used together.  Let me AskTheManager, EndOfTheDay etc. they are all different words.
  1. Omitting letters– No, it is not cool to write something as ‘somethin’ or any other word for that matter. Use complete words. Period.
  1. Learn the usage of commas– You must do this. There are long courses available on proper comma usage, it is imperative for fluent and error free writing.
  1. Redundant words– Many a times while drafting mails or messages, redundancy becomes a prominent issue. Using phrases like, ‘again and again, and repeatedly’ will only lead to a poor impression.
  1. Typographical errors– This is perhaps the most common error which occurs while typing. When you intend to type something, and accidentally press another key, leading to a spelling mistake. Always double check your messages and mails before sending.  
  1. Clichéd mistakes- Often people end up using ‘revert back’, I advise you and can you give us some advice regarding planning a trip, can completely change the way your sentence comes forth.

Your emails could have the best possible deal and offer for your customer, but if it isn’t something he can read and comprehend, it is absolutely of no use. Chances are that the customer would ‘mark you as spam’ and fret from receiving any further mails or offers from your brand.

The most easy and convenient way of pleasing someone, especially your customers, leads and prospects is to talk with them with utmost respect and calmness. This is another benefit which comes with having decent grammatical skills. It empowers you to be able to use subtle, yet extremely powerful statements, which forces almost anybody to lend a ear. Nine out of ten customers you will try and build conversations with will have very strong counter arguments ready, as to why they don’t want to buy your product or service. One wrong statement and you will lose the argument and the deal.

So, if speaking and writing grammatically correct English can do so much good and increase the chances of being the best sales rep, why not start practicing it? Why not start reading more quality content, learning the best rebuttals there can be, this will also help you hit the bull’s eye to close important and all deals, likewise.

I hope this was helpful to explain why it is imperative to have strong command over spoken and written English, and how grammar can save your day. If you feel like adding any more suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.

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