10 Inside Sales Strategies to Gain a Prospect’s Trust


Developing trust among prospects is essential or else you stand very little chance of getting their business.  And top inside sales reps consistently manage to achieve their customer’s or prospect’s respect. But it might also be difficult for many salespeople. However, if you achieve this, the probability of capturing a sale from that prospect increases exponentially.

High trust will lead to an increase in the speed with which the prospect buys and also the profitability.

Here are 10 inside sales strategies you can use to be more believable:

Stop Boasting about your Product/Service

Try not to say anything nice about your product as it will destroy your credibility. It can have a negative impact especially if you are at an early stage of conversation.

Do you know, 92% of the time you spend talking about your company or services, you’re not believable. By doing this, you are actually making yourself less trustworthy and shattering the chance of building rapport with the prospect.

Value your Prospect’s Time

Just like you, every other person whom you are trying to contact, are busy. Demonstrate that you respect their time. When you call them, always ask “Is it a good time to talk?”. Always call the customer on the scheduled time and also reply to their emails on time.

Be Truthful

Tell the truth so that you don’t have to remember what you said. For example, if your company can’t deliver the product on time, inform your customer. If your product lack some important features required by the customer, then don’t hesitate to recommend him/her to another firm or competitor.

Be Helpful

Talk about the critical business issues the prospect might be facing. Let him know about the benefits/results your other customers have achieved. Share insights and ideas that you think would be advantageous to him. Add value to every interaction you have with the prospect.

Offer a Relevant Solution

You will lose respect or credibility if you attempt to sell a product that does not solve your prospect’s pain points or is not relevant for them. Do a proper research and ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of their situation and problems. Then make suggestions and show your prospect exactly how they are going to benefit from your offering.

Avoid Pitching

Your prospect is loaded with countless sales pitches by so many companies and most of them simply talk about how nice their product is. However, a more effective way to approach is to engage your prospective customer in a conversation. They want to know how your product/service is going to help them solve a particular problem. Use your presentation to highlight the key points of your solution that will meet their requirements.

Talk Less and Listen More

If you listen to your prospects properly, you will be able to detect the problems they might be experiencing and offer solution via your products. This is very crucial in order to gain trust of a prospect but unfortunately too many salespeople simply do not listen to the prospect.

Respect their Views

It is not just important to listen to your prospect, but also to respect what they say. It doesn’t mean that you will have to agree to all his points, rather that you value their perspective. One of the simplest ways to do this is by asking them further questions when they share something with you. This shows that you are not just listening to him, but also placing value on what they are saying.

Be Genuine

Demonstrate what you really are. Just be yourself and don’t try to fake. When you don’t know an answer, accept it. Tell your prospect that you will get back to him/her with an answer as soon as possible. Nothing is more real and genuine than admitting you don’t know something.

Have a Decent LinkedIn Profile Page

Your prospect can anytime visit your LinkedIn profile to find out relevant information or to know more about you. Being an inside sales representative, you should have a nice profile, with your close-up “picture” and valid “recommendations”, that delivers a good impression. This will make you sound really genuine to them and will definitely help you in gaining trust of your prospect.

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