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How To Generate Leads With The Help Of B2B Emails: 6 Effective Tips

Despite how much marketing has changed over the years, emails remain one of the most effective marketing tools even now. However, the strategy of writing effective B2B emails remains a mystery to many. What differs an email that gets opened and responded from the one that goes straight to the bin? Is there any difference at all?

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Best Laid Sales Cadence: Practices That Brings Results


Inside Sales Manager: 6 Challenges and How to Overcome Them

We all have read plenty of articles and tips to become a successful sales development rep (SDR). But what about the people managing those SDRs? As it is, being a sales manager is not an easy job but, it can be rewarding. You can be in any domain of the sales career - inside sales, on-field, etc., all of them have their own set of challenges. As the year is coming to a close, let us look at some of the challenges that the sales managers face and how to overcome them in the new year.

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Game Changing Inside Sales Trends You Should Know in 2018


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4 Tips for Optimizing Your B2B Sales Process


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Dreamforce 2017 Rewind : Takeaways for Inside Sales Squad


Dreamforce may be over, but the key themes remain! Another inspiring edition of the biggest Tech-Sales event was held last week and during the four crazy days of absolute learning and discussion, few themes have stood out from the Inside Sales perspective. Let’s dive into the interesting stuff which will help you accelerate sales and hit your last quarter’s quota in 2017.

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10 Cold Calling Mistakes Agents should NEVER Commit!

People say cold calling is daunting and dreadful. Young agents are running away from it. Just like going up to a stranger and striking up a conversation can be scary, so can be cold calling. That is why we are now turning towards other channels to reach out to the customers - emails, social media, inbound marketing and what not. There are other sureshot ways to succeed in inside sales, but does that mean cold calling is dead? The answer is NO. It is still very much useful and revenue generating. We just need to let go of our traditional approach to cold calling and make it adaptable to present times.

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What is Inside Sales?


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A to Z of Inside Sales Language: 51 Must Know Sales Terms

Success in sales comes from great communication. Getting a hang of the Sales nomenclature is a prerequisite to be a pro in the industry .But understanding the sales parlance can sometimes be a task in itself. We have come to your rescue.Here is a list of top 51 sales jargons/slangs that you must know in order to be an inside sales champ.

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What is Persona Based Selling and why it Matters in Inside Sales?


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