Why Lead Validation Demands Attention in Online Marketing

Lead Validation

Lead validation, which necessitates a human being listening to phone inquiry recordings and reading form submissions, enables a company to separate sales leads generated from their website from other non-sales inquires. As the data in the presentation indicates, about half of a company’s website inquiries are not leads. Those inquiries include your typical spam, personal phone calls, sales solicitations and customer service inquires.

From a sales perspective, having the marketing department validate leads prevents the sales team from having to track down a lot of non-leads when they can be putting all of their effort into genuine leads.

Through lead validation, you will be able to get the best of the best leads into the hands of your best sales rep. This will improve follow-up response time and follow-up quality close rates. Another indirect benefit is the continual improvement in Internet marketing campaigns. When marketers base the success of a campaign (SEO, paid search advertising, email, etc.) solely on inquires, the data could be off by as much as half. By validating leads, marketers can base campaigns off of reliable data and adjust campaigns accordingly. This means more leads, better leads and an ever-increasing pipeline of leads.


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As the Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, Aaron Wittersheim has innovative skills in creating and managing web-based software from concept to launch, he has specialized expertise in lead/revenue generation through a multifaceted approach incorporating business strategy, interaction design, web development, Internet marketing, analytics and conversion optimization.

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