What should you do with your Unqualified Sales Leads?

What should you do with your Unqualified Sales leads?

Unqualified sales leads are the ones who are either not nurtured enough or their requirements are not matching the offerings made by the inside sales rep. Reps usually do not find any point wasting their time behind any unqualified Sales leads, especially when they are packed with highly qualified sales leads. Somewhere, you cannot criticize them for their actions because companies have their rigid targets for their reps to accomplish. 

But before boycotting any unqualified prospect analyzing their situation is very imperative. Afterall managing sales is a vital part of lead management. Your unqualified lead today might turn into your potential customer tomorrow. They might not be interested in the immediate purchase, or they might be confused as in, what specific features they are searching in their B2B product. In this case, sales rep should remain in constant contact with such a prospect by sending them the brochures or mails. Otherwise, they would knock on your competitor’s door when they would require the product and you would lose a potential buyer.

Here are suggestions for the sales reps on what they can do with the unqualified Sales leads without spending much time on them:

1) Hang up and Dial the Next:

Most of the managers coach their sales reps to hang-up soon on the leads that aren’t qualified. But you are making a huge mistake (unless it is blowing a rep’s self respect) because if they are meeting a certain parameter to be a suspect prospect in your future, don’t neglect them. Try saturating the maximum details out of them, so you can work on it to meet their criteria in future.

2) Don’t Knock them off:

You might be hurt by the fact that your B2B sales prospecting lead turned out to be unqualified and did not stand up to your expectation but never knock them off your system completely. Share with them your company’s periodic valuable information via newsletters and emails. Update them about your new price, offers and discounts. All these can make an impact on their purchasing decision and when in future they decide to make an investment, your product would be their prime consideration.

3) Organize Email Campaigns for Unqualified Sales Leads:

Mail a registrant update to your unqualified Sales leads, so they can amend their contact details and preferences. You can give them a solution to each of their problem they are experiencing. Your campaign will guide them to their way, this way you have a better chance of them switching from their current product to your company’s product in the nearest future. Eventually you are saving a lead for the forthcoming sales cycle.

4) Teach them how your Product can Change their Life:

Your lead needs a product same as what you are offering but they are not convinced to invest in it. Most probably in this case, your competitors are quoting a lower price for the same product and features. Explain them why your offerings cost more and the welfare and perks they will enjoy once they own your product. Help them understand if they miss on your product, how their success will suffer. Don’t worry much about the consequences; the prospect isn’t falling under your qualifying lead anyway.

The unqualified Sales leads you tend to ignore eventually become business for other brands. By nurturing them and building a relationship with them, you might have lot of chances to turn their interest and they might turn into your potential buyers.

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