The Best Inside Sales Techniques Overheard!!

“I don’t know what to do”!

I was standing at the office cafeteria awaiting my turn to order. A sharp voice took me to a nearby table where two gentlemen were sitting. A young man in his mid-30s had his elbows on the table and his head in his hands. Our inside sales head looked pleasantly amused.

“What happened, Gaurav?” Inside sales head enquired.

Just having a hard time getting the team together.

I deduced that the young man was perhaps an Inside Sales supervisor himself who had come to an old acquaintance for advice.

The young man looked exasperated. He talked to his senior with an air of someone who desperately needed a vacation.

“What happened?” Our Inside Sales head asked. I sensed he was trying to suppress a smile.

The new inside sales team is full of first timers. That being said. We are unable to deliver results. I am simply frustrated with it. Inside Sales Techniques

The rest of the conversation was interrupted. It was my turn to order food. I quickly ordered my usual and found a seat right behind the troubled young man.

“Hmm. I see”. Our Sales Head chipped in. “Very interesting. Tell me. What can I do for you?”

“I need some inside sales techniques from you. You know of my predicament. What can I do to deliver better results?”

“See. The first thing to do is to set the momentum going into the day.” Our sales head spoke. “The first thing you could do is to get a minimum number of fixed calls done early in the morning. You should consider pushing your team into making at least ten calls before 10 am.”

The young sales head had started taking notes.

“How does that help, sir?”

“It is all about the energy. You build much momentum going into the day. Plus, it feels good to have some calls done early in the morning, doesn’t it? It also helps you save time.”

“True. What else?” The young man was now interested.

“Knowledge is power. You know this. Ask your rep to research as much as possible on prospects before making that call. More calls make more sales, agreed. There is, however, no substitute for efficiency”.

“So what would you have me do for that?” Gaurav was on the edge of his seat.

“Plan ahead of calls. Think about the end objectives and what it would take for you to reach that. You do have a script right? Modify it if needed to achieve your ends. Prompt everyone to stick to it as much as possible.”

By now, the troubled sales head was fully immersed the conversation.

“What other techniques would you recommend?”

“The tone is critical. It is one of those inside sales techniques that people don’t pay much attention to. You have to keep the prospect engaged and gain his attention. Being too nervous, too aggressive, too lethargic or too uninterested is not conducive to the pitch. Practice and experience hold the key. Consider it as a net practice before the big game.”

“Is there any way I can optimize the system?” Gaurav asked. “I mean, could I somehow have a better system for calling and research and all?”

“Yes, of course.” Our Sales Head replied. “You should consider investing in an efficient sales dialer. A Sales dialer automates the process of calling. It tracks the prospect’s information and arms the representative with adequate weapons. A sales representative who has a window open with the prospect’s information is empowered to close the deal more efficiently. Additionally Sales Dialer automates the process of manually entering the numbers and ‘power dials’ priority leads first.”

“Amazing”. Gaurav was ecstatic. “These techniques help. I knew you would have answers. Thank you so much.”

“Oh, it is fine Gaurav. Try to enjoy the process. Feel free to get in touch. It is always a pleasure talking to you. By the way, while we are on the subject of talking and meeting, why don’t I introduce you to my friend here?”

“Who? Where?”

“Right behind you. We don’t need to fill him in with the details of our conversation. Or introduce you. He has been eavesdropping ever since”.

Oh. Busted.

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