Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement – May’16


New month…new features! This feature update is packed with all new UI experience and insightful analytics. So, without much ado, let’s dive into all the recent features added to Inside SalesBox. Team Inside Sales Box had a lot of fun in developing all these features, hope you enjoy using them too!

Huddle:  Real Time SDR Coaching Over Call Recordings

Coaching reps was never this easy. Inside Sales Box is  here  with the new feature called Huddle for enabling coaching. To ensure that the sales development reps get proper guidance, a sales manager can coach the sales reps through Huddle effectively. It allows SDR’s to share the voice logs with the team in the presence of a sales manager thereby keeping everyone involved in the team. The sales manager plays the role of a mentor and helps the reps to take the right decision at the right time.


Create Your Own Customized Lead List View

Reps can change the default lead list-view and display those fields that are relevant to their business. This feature comes as handy for those users who want to look for customer specific information apart from the default fields that appear in the all leads list view.


Team and Rep-wise Email Analytics

This feature will help the sales manager to get a detailed report for every email sent by the rep. Managers can find out the exact time of the day at which the lead opens the emails sent by the reps and how many times they click on the links inside emails. Based on the open counts and clicks reports manager can guide the SDR’s to optimize their performance.


Measure Your Email Template Performance

This feature has been introduced to provide the reps with an insight into their email templates over a period of time. So, whenever a  rep modifies a template, it’s performance can be tracked in an intuitive manner throughout the campaign. Based on the email template performance, reps can resegment their templates and update the same with respect to the template’s  performance trend.


Team and Rep-wise Call Analytics

Inside Sales Box has come up with a new feature known as call analytics that allows to measure the effectiveness of the calls made by the reps. All the inbound calling data is leveraged to create a report that will help manager to monitor the progress of reps and hence improve the overall sales growth of the organisation.


Reset Password

Resetting your password on Inside Sales Box has become easier and simpler. Reps just need to provide the username/ email-id that they used to register and a link is sent to their email id to reset the password.


Quickly Change Lead Stage from Contact Card

Now reps can change the status of the lead directly from the contact card.


Compact All Leads List View Panel

Inside Sales Box provides the ability to enlarge the all leads list view. Based on their requirement reps can enlarge or compress the all lead list view panel.


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