How to Use Social Media for B2B Sales Prospecting & Engagement

B2B Sales Prospecting

For business-to-business (B2B) sales processes, prospecting is no longer limited to cold calls and emails to reach out to potential prospects.  

Sales teams across the world have realised the importance of warm leads to initiate conversations, and here social media plays a defining role. Sales reps are going all out to engage with the prospects on social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Numbers speak for themselves, and going by the research, over 70% B2B decision makers use social media to help them take a final purchase decision.

Gone are the days where sales reps merely used to dial a number to deliver their static sales pitch. Times have changed, and as the Sales Gurus say, “listening is the new prospecting”. Nothing is better than social media networks in order to listen to your prospects and engage with the target audience to help them find a solution to their current requirements.

In today’s world, customers are one step ahead of the sellers and are doing extensive research before taking any purchase decision. As per industry statistics – a prospect is almost 70% into the buyer’s journey during the stage when he actually contacts you to consider your offering. Therefore, here the takeaway for businesses is – to follow the footsteps of your prospects and try to learn as much as possible about them across the prospecting stage, to ensure better customer engagement.

B2B sales organizations can engage with their prospects over social media networks to foster a better relationship. Sales reps are required to act as thought leaders in their domains to guide prospects, and take them through the buying process, by sharing the relevant information they require to make the final purchase decision. Many businesses have turned to social prospecting, to fill in the gaps and gather pertinent information about their potential customers, to cater their needs in a more personalized manner.

Many sales organizations are increasingly investing in tools that help gather relevant prospect data for list building and then getting connected for contextual interactions. Inside Sales Box – an all-in-one inside sales solution not only offers an easy way to connect with the prospects but also ensures context-driven personalized interactions, facilitated by integrated social touch points.

The benefits of social networks can be smartly leveraged for B2B Sales Prospecting via Inside Sales Box in the following ways:

Build Rapport with Prospects

One of the key techniques to learn about your prospects is through LinkedIn and Twitter. Your prospects are discussing about their varied interests and requirement on these platforms and if you can understand their needs, and help them by sharing relevant content, there are high chances of getting connected with them over a call or email. Inside Sales Box has included social touch points in the overall sales cadence. Reps can follow prospects on Twitter directly from within the software and can keep a track of their tweets/retweets to know more in order to acquaint with them. These social activities are essential to drive a context driven interaction with prospects in today’s time, when prospects are highly reluctant to entertain any cold call.

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Speed up Prospect Research

One of the challenging tasks a rep faces is sales prospecting, and when the ideal prospect is found, the tedious chore of uploading the lead details in sales software comes into action. Omni from Inside Sales Box is a prospecting tool that allows reps to discover prospects over social platforms as well as various sales CRMs and adds them to the leads database instantly. It is easy to use as it sits in the web browser and intelligently detects prospects over Linkedin. As and when the ideal prospect is detected, reps can simply add the details in the database in a single click and do away with the mundane task of manually uploading the lead details in sales software; thereby boosting the rep’s productivity.

Inside Sales Box Feature - Omni

Businesses must cultivate the culture of social media driven prospecting to capitalize on social insights, because as they say – “the seeds of your success are driven by your prospecting habits”.


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