How to Uncover the Pain Points of your Sales Prospects


“Life is a fiery ride, everyone has issues,
there are things that are beyond our control, others we want to control.
However, what matters is the beginning of a new journey
Things that keeps us motivated towards a new goal.”

Wondering why you fail while closing sales deals or to successfully sell a solution? The answer sometimes is simple – in this case, you are missing on the concerns faced by your sales prospects. These concerns are big time issues that are bothering them most of the time. Discussing about your products and technology isn’t just enough to earn loyal customers.

You need to be proactive towards understanding your sales prospect’s concerns and hindrances. People buy from you not because they want to try something new but instead they have some underlying reason behind it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to apply the ointment on your prospect’s pain points, after identifying them.

In many complex sales environments the biggest risks are not the competitors but the prospect’s motive behind doing nothing and sticking with what they already have. So, How will you uncover the pain points and problems of your sales prospects?

We at Inside Sales Box have given a fair bit of thought on this subject and based on our understanding, we have come up with a few tips that will help you ease your prospect’s pain:

Don’t be a Crocodile Rep: A special category that exists in this business environment are Crocodile Reps. These set of people have big mouth and small ears, i.e, they listen less and speak more. Crocodile Reps might leave the discussion feeling great about their presentation, but what they might leave behind is the customer with his share of pain. How do you think your sales prospect will react when you don’t even have the capacity of listening to their troubles? How will they have confidence whatever you have to say? One way to ensure that your prospect needs you more than anyone on this earth is through active listening. This can be either done online or face-to-face rapport building with prospects. Therefore, always try to listen to your prospects before engaging them and offering a solution.

Make a Genuine Effort to Understand their Pain: Sales meeting might not always turn out fruitful. You as a smart sales rep need to focus on strategies that are designed around understanding the level of prospects’ pain. The willingness to make a purchase always depends on the level of pain that the buyer faces. If the pain is significant or critical, there is still a chance that the prospect will do extensive evaluation and take actions. So, it’s the duty of sales reps to feel their prospects’ pain in order to provide a positive solution.

Ask Open-ended Questions: The best way to have successful sales discussionsis by asking open-ended questions. The primary aim is to get the prospect speaking about their organization, and the best way to do so is by talking about yourself, your organization and your solutions. After this is done, you can roll the ball on the other side of the table. Prospects love to talk about their company and industry verticals and thereafter you can ask open-ended questions in the middle of the conversation. This strategy will save you from overselling and will help you in building a great bond with the sales prospect.

Make their Pain points more Prominent: Once you have asked open-ended questions to discover their pain points, do not let loose. Start engaging with the prospects in such a manner which urges them to get rid of their pain points. Talk more and more about their concerns, this will result in two things: either they would want to get rid of their burden by accepting your proposal or they will completely show disinterest and move on to another concern. Whatever be the result of this pain game, the main motive lies behind making their pain prominent so that the prospect starts feeling it more. It will definitely allow you to better understand prospect’s’ pain points and let them figure out the best possible solution that they can avail.

Keep a Close Track on your Competition: One of the best ways to excel in selling is by keeping a close watch on your competition. Actively checking out blogs and forums on their website along with the discussions being done is a way forward towards success. Also, make sure to smartly cross check your prospect by asking questions posed by your competitors to them. This will help you to figure out the possible solutions offered by your prospect and thereafter, you can proactively offer better solutions to close the deal in your favour.
Let us know if these tips were helpful. We would love to hear from you.

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