How Effective Lead Management Propels High Conversion Rate

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Businesses invest huge money and efforts in generating leads and if these leads are not managed properly then everything goes for a toss and company’s bottom line bears the beating. As Zig Zagler said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached”, similarly an effective lead management system in place ensures half the job is done.

According to Gartner Research, companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. An automated lead management system rescues sales reps from the regular hitches of managing leads, eventually improving their productivity. As a matter of fact, every sales rep wants more leads in their kitty, but the key lies in how you handle those leads. All the leads that form a part of company’s sales funnel are not sales-ready to make the final purchase decision at the time they come in; such leads needs to be nurtured in order to take them from one stage of lead lifecycle to another. All this requires impeccable management to keep leads from falling off the gap.

Inside Sales Box offers a comprehensive lead management solution for inside sales to manage the leads across the board. With following features, there is never a reason to let a lead pass you by:

Intelligent Lead Import and Distribution

One of the most common scenario for an inside sales team is to import a lead list that it usually gets from an outside source into their sales platform to further work upon. Even thinking about entering all leads manually can send jitters through the team. Also, in the event of transforming from one sales platform to the other,  historical leads data need to be transferred to the new system. With Inside Sales Box, all these concerns can be addressed with ease. Inside Sales Box not only helps in easy import of leads through a CSV format but also aids in distributing them to respective reps depending upon pre-defined lead distribution rules. Hence, all leads are routed to the concerned reps depending upon the leads requirement and reps’ specialization for follow up.

Real Time Inbound Lead Capture and Routing

We are all aware of the industry standard of contacting a lead within first 5 minutes, but a recent research by Inside Sales Box on lead response has a different story to tell; amongst the surveyed companies, only 6.5% responded to a lead within an hour. Think about the number of leads and eventually sales lost just because of untimely response. The main reason behind this is the inability of capturing and assigning the leads on real time basis. With Inside Sales Box reps get a real time notification whenever a new lead comes in. In addition, leads are routed to the right rep depending upon the criteria such as country, industry, lead-source to name a few. Imagine how efficiently reps can perform if all the leads are captured as and when they come and routed into the platform according to rep’s specialization.   

Lead Tags for Organized Sales Pipeline

There are numerous leads in sales pipeline and sales reps shouldn’t have to scroll through countless pages of data to see the information that they need. It’s important for reps to have a well-defined, well-organized system in place for tracking sales leads depending upon certain criteria like- industry specific leads, inbound-outbound leads, lead source, etc. The more a rep knows about his leads, the easier it is to offer the right services at the right time. Using Inside Sales Box’s Lead Tags feature, reps can assign multiple ‘Tags’ to each lead. Tags can be defined as keywords that can associate with most leads to describe and organize the data in a personalized way. In addition to providing clarity and structure to the leads database, using tags in search helps finding information in a fast and intuitive manner.

Create a Bucket of Significant Leads

Prioritizing leads is key to generating reliable sales numbers. Although sales reps qualify all prospects before dedicating the time to calling and following up, some prospects may be more qualified than others and may rank high in priority for sales rep. Such leads need to be segregated from the chunk to highlight their importance for sales rep to endeavour in engaging with them. As the name suggests, Bucket List feature from Inside Sales Box is an extremely personalized way of managing leads at rep’s discretion depending upon the lead’s significance. This feature helps a salesperson by highlighting the significant leads and ensuring top-of-the-mind recall among various daily tasks.

Review Progress Through Lead History

Every sales rep is dealing with multiple leads at a given point, and each lead requires various distinct actions over a period of time. Therefore, a snapshot of all the interactions and actions is a must to facilitate sales reps in their smooth functioning and context based follow up. Businesses need to maintain the leads timeline, so they know what happened, when and why. Inside Sales Box’s Lead History feature is one of the main features of the software which helps to maintain complete history of leads— all in one place. This results in bringing the engagement history of every prospect right to the sales rep’s screens. Also, in case of assigning leads to another rep, lead history facilitates the transition process and ensures effective lead management.

Lead Management

With all these functionalities, Inside Sales Box makes sure that no lead falls through the cracks, increasing the odds of conversion by all means.

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