Does your Lead Nurturing Process Suck?

Lead nurturing is an integral part of marketing, especially for businesses which are using inbound marketing for lead generation.

It helps you turn prospects into buyers with little effort. The process can never be perfect and after a series of hits and misses, you may arrive at a sweet spot but it won’t stay for long.  

I won’t be giving you lead nurturing lessons in this blog, but explain what Inside Sales Box does for lead nurturing and how we arrived at this process. This is the current process and we will keep working on it for further improvements. 

Stay Tuned!

Inside Sales Box’s Effective Lead Nurturing Process

Is you Lead Nurturing Process Effective?

Lead Management Process

Put a lead management process in place if already not. There can be lead leakage or mis-management even if the best CRM is being used. A process will streamline things and everyone will know what to do if a lead comes in.

In our case we had subscribers, leads, opportunities and marketing qualified leads. We already had a process in place for MQLs, but nothing for leads and subscribers. This is what we came up with.

The workflow for leads, opportunities and MQLs is also similar. Subscriber Workflow - Lead Nurturing ISB

Whom to Nurture?

You cannot nurture everyone. 

Now, when a lead management process is in place it is important to take leads, subscribers and MQLs to the next level. Here is the process we followed to take them further down the funnel.

Subscribers – Ebooks and Whitepapers were offered. A download will convert them to leads.

Leads – They were called. We were able to fix demos just by calling the leads who had downloaded our ebook. 

MQLs – MQLs which are with sales and have been qualified become sales qualified leads, rest remain MQLs and are sent nurturing offers. SQLs are not nurtured unless they become MQLs again.   

Nurturing Offers

Standard conversion offers include – Ebooks, Whitepapers, Datasheets etc. For conversions, the offer needs to be brilliant. But, how to come up with something like that?

We did a gap analysis of the content by our competitors. They were all publishing well, but there were some gaps which we could identify. Nobody was making fun of Inside Sales.

Humour was a discovery for us.  

There are a lot of things you can laugh about but somehow it was being missed and we decided to pounce upon it. A weekly fun creative is being sent and we have some very interesting reply rates. 

We don’t promote anything, just simple email with an image. 

Valentine' Day - Fun Creative

When are you starting with lead nuturing campaigns?

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