A Quick Guide to Lead Scoring [Free Whitepaper]

Lead Scoring 101

The good news is that inside sales, inbound marketing, and big data have helped sales organizations attract high volume of leads and later helped them in lead conversion. The challenge then becomes, how do you separate the high-quality leads from the leads that are just looking around for information? That’s where lead scoring makes its entry. Lead scoring provides a solution by devising the parameters for following up on leads according to their importance.

While organizations have started realizing the importance of lead scoring, only 21% of B2B marketers have implemented it (MarketingSherpa’s B2B Benchmarking Report). On average, organizations that currently use lead scoring experience a 77% lift in lead generation ROI, over organizations that don’t.

So how do you make sure your inside sales reps haven’t neglected potentially strong prospects?

In this whitepaper, Lead Scoring 101, the traditional methods of lead scoring, metrics for measuring ROI of lead scoring, and an ideal scenario are discussed.

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Lead Scoring Whitepaper

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