8 Tips to Turn Cold Calling into Warm Calling

Turn Cold Calling into Warm Calling

Cold calling is something that most of us fear. Simply taking your phone, calling a stranger and offering a product/service takes courage as rejection is always on the cards. “Oh I am sorry. I do not have any such requirement as of now”, is the most likely response you are going to get. The key is to give them a reason to not hang up your call. Cold calling is unanimously a daunting task, but with a few cold calling tips you can turn your cold calls into warm calls.


1) Design a script: This for me is one of the most important cold calling tips. Having a proper script may help you a lot as within a short span of time you can explain the prospect most parts of the product you are offering and the benefits associated with it. In other words rather than ‘beating around the bush’ it is very important to provide a description and reasons to buy your product. Also, be ready to counter different objections and if a question arises you hadn’t anticipated for, deal with it in the best possible way you can. An example for the same can be, “Sir, I am not sure of it as of now, but I will get back to you soon”. Then write it down and be ready with the answers before you make another call. Having a script is a good preparation for a great conversation.

2) Part ways with the traditional approach: Traditional approach makes it quite evident to the prospect that you are trying to make a sale. When this happens the prospect usually tends to find out excuses to just hang up. It is thus important to change your mindset before making a call. Rather than just trying to sell, it may not be a bad idea to get the trust of the prospect and make them feel that you are just helping them with your product and not here to just sell. This may also lead to a cordial long term relation with the prospect.

3) Find the problem your product can solve: A lot many times, cold calling fails because of little or zero homework by the sales person. This includes knowing the problem. Your prospect would have many sellers to buy from. What they look for is if the product offered solves their problem or not. Understanding the specific problem the prospect is having can create a natural conversation on phone immediately. This also develops a feeling of trust in the minds of the prospect and they would then become more open to hearing your solution. This gives you enough opportunity to get a good deal if the prospect finds that both are a good match. Identifying the problem of the prospect before a cold call could play a major role in defining the success of your cold call.

4) Research: It can be a good practice to get a proper research of the prospect done. The idea is to provide solutions rather than giving an online demonstration. Conducting a proper research about the company’s profile, it’s human resource needs, their recent performance, etc., can work wonders. It, thus gives you a basic know how of the problems they are facing which will in turn help you to customize your delivery. But with a long list of leads to call, sales reps don’t have much time to extensively research prospects. They should train themselves to research prospects in as less time as possible. Here is an article on how to research prospects and sales leads in 5 minutes.

5) Give importance to gatekeepers: Create a friendly atmosphere with the gatekeepers after all they are the ones who could get you close to your prospect. Never be rude with such assistants as it could affect your business. Try to strategize in such a way that these gatekeepers open the doors towards getting a good lead. Try a few tricks to get them to fall in love with you, because if the gatekeeper puts in a good word for you, the chances of being dejected becomes really slim.

6) Listen to the prospect: Most salespeople tend to commit mistakes by being too aggressive and controlling most parts of the call. This gives a clear impression to the prospect that you are just trying to take them through a sales process. Hence it becomes important to listen to your prospect more so that they get a feeling that you understand their problems more. Give them a chance to share their concerns and what worries them.

7) Try to have referrals: Well, having a referral can work wonders. It can help in many different ways. Sometimes a referral can give your calls more credibility than the ones without. It may also help you to get a prospect who was never on your radar and is suddenly in line to become a long term associate. In all likelihood a referred call may end up giving you a business meeting. A lot many times a referral is either through social media such as linkedin, twitter or through personal contacts. Calling through a referral highly increases the odds of warm calling.

8) Practice and then practice again: It is no rocket science to understand that you get better with each call you make. Rehearsing your pitch before making a call is always advised. Some experts are of the belief that smiling while talking changes the way you talk over the phone for the better. While some experts say practicing in front of a mirror is the best preparation before a speech as it gives you an idea where does your body language or energy flag. It will then help you to adjust during the actual call. All these are important because what matters the most is what you communicate and how you communicate.

As said earlier, most salespeople dread about making a cold call. At times, the prospects are either too hostile or some are courteous enough to say a clear “no”. But at both the times, you are left dejected. This happens because you are interrupting somebody’s day to get something out of them. So, it is very important to be well prepared. All the above written tips for cold calling can be of very good use if put into proper practise.

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