7 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies

7 Must Have Inside Sales Technologies

Having the right tools and Inside Sales technologies in place can significantly increase the productivity of inside sales reps which in turn boosts the sales revenues for the company. These technologies have their own benefits that can drive the management of capturing a lead to its closure in an effective way. There are various tools which make it possible for inside sales representative to create customer intimacy without a face-to-face interaction.

But not all organizations are bothering to provide their sales team with these sales enablement tools and are hence making it more challenging for them to achieve their targets.

According to a survey conducted by AA-ISP’s, lack of adequate tools and Inside Sales technology was ranked the 3rd most major challenge out of 15 for Inside Sales.

But managers aren’t intentionally withholding technology from reps. According to Bob Perkins, AA-ISP founder and chairman, many leaders are confused as to which tools their sales forces truly need.

7 most important and effective tools and Inside Sales technologies required for Inside Sales Reps to deliver exceptional results

Mobile Device

Sales representatives need to stay in touch with their customers and prospects 24*7. The customers might contact them at any point in time during a day, making mobile the utmost important tool for a sales rep to have. It is a medium that allows you to contact customers in the manner they prefer to be communicated with- be it a call, email, text or a LinkedIn message.

Wireless Headset

Sales reps must use wireless headset as it is very comfortable and makes life easier. With better signal range in most of the headsets these days, you can stand up, move around, and concentrate in your work in a better way. It lets you free up both your hands to use a computer, handle documents, make notes and makes you more productive as you can pay more attention to the customer.

Screen Sharing Tool and Online Meeting Software

With a screen sharing tool, sales reps can share anything that is appearing on their screen at the moment, with their customers. One can use this tool for sharing desktop graphics, charts, images, audio or video with potential clients or add a real-time visual presentation in order to enhance the credibility of the information.

Availability of online meeting softwares like GoToMeeting and WebEx give your sales people the ability to conduct and host a meeting anytime, by sharing their desktop with prospects and customers.

User-friendly CRM System

CRM is something a salesperson who wants to excel in his/her career can’t get away with. You require a quality CRM to manage your leads and accounts in an effective way. With the help of dashboards, you can have a complete view of your customers, sales pipeline and other sales related activities. It also helps you with lead routing and tracking, personalized messaging, prioritization of responsibilities and tasks etc. It helps you increase productivity and build stronger customer relationships. It provides you with tools that can be accessed in real-time, providing reports that are accurate and up to date.


Today, the best source for sales representatives to generate and nurture leads is LinkedIn. You can easily identify relevant prospects, ask for referrals, and build and maintain relationships with them. Harness the LinkedIn network of each and every employee of your company and reach the decision-makers and influencers in a single click.


Inside Sales happens to communicate with most of their customers through a phone call. Therefore, it is important for them to have a sophisticated auto-dialer or predictive dialer to effectively source more opportunities and close more deals. An intelligent dialer improves productivity of the sales rep by reducing their manual effort and calling a prospect at the best possible time. With functionalities such as local area code systems, a dialer raises the probability of a customer picking up the call, thereby improving connect rates.

Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales Acceleration Technology is exactly what the name implies- increase the velocity of the sales process. It is the technology that fills the gap between marketing automation and CRM technologies. Sales acceleration technology nurtures prospects and customers throughout the customer journey, arms sales reps with contextual customer intent, empowers reps to dials more prospects, tracks velocity metrics and most importantly scores leads and prospects with statistical predictive significance to efficiently engage with prospects.   

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