5 Inside Sales Performance Metrics to Track your Inside Sales Reps

To help you improve the productivity of your sales reps, we have outlined a number of important Inside sales performance metrics.

Inside Sales Reps often focus on making high volumes of calls instead of dialing smart calls. They tend to emphasize more on quantity than quality. But ideally a manager must ensure that his/her team spends their precious time wisely by making smart dials. This will lead to more number of quality conversations which in turn will result in higher qualified opportunities.

With the availability of exciting Marketing Automation software, CRM platforms and Auto-Dialer technologies, inside sales reps can easily have access to more data within less time leading to the fruitful conversation with the prospects.

Inside sales managers must evaluate the sales reps on the following 5 sales performance metrics metrics to ensure top performance from their team:

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{{cta(‘ed3a2607-0a6c-48d5-ab43-86f9adce3577′,’justifyright’)}}Attempts per Lead

Most inside sales rep give up after 2-3 attempts to contact each lead. As a manager, you should not just pay attention to the number of dials per day but also a number of dials per lead.

According to The National Sales Executive Association, “80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact”.

Make sure that your reps are making at least 6-8 attempts to contact a lead before calling it a poor or waste lead.

Number of Touches to Convert a “Suspect” to a “Prospect

It is important for an inside sales representative to make numerous attempts to reach out to a lead. However, as a manager, you need to keep a track that on an average how long it takes for a rep to have the first conversation with the lead. The time to contact matters as it directly impacts the time taken to close a deal.

Percentage of Call Connects

It measures how many times you actually get connected to a person and speak with him/her. If you are contacting X number of leads in a day and get to speak with Y number of people then X/Y is your percentage of call connects. There could be many reasons that your sales rep is performing low on this metric, such as poor lead list quality, not calling the right people at the right time, using outdated technology like not having a local presence auto dialer that can show a local number on a prospect’s caller ID. Understand this data as this will have a direct impact on productivity.

Opportunity Conversion Rate

If your sales reps are contacting a high volume of leads but are not able to take them to the next level, then it is really alarming for you. Make sure you track the below-mentioned points to improve their opportunity conversion rate.

·         Behavior of your reps during a call-> friendly or formal or casual or rude

·         Quality of conversation they have with a lead

·         Ability to handle sales objections

·         Knowledge gathered about a lead before contacting him/her

·         Level of understanding of the product/service they are pitching for

Ideally, a healthy rate of 5-7% of connects being passed over as qualified leads should be achieved by all the sales reps. A conversion to qualified lead could be a scheduled follow-up, scheduled demo or face-to-face appointment setting. This metric allows a manager to track quality which will ultimately lead to high closed business numbers.

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Skills to Gather Relevant Information

There are many organizations which are currently not willing to purchase your offering but might become a quality future prospect. In this scenario, an inside sales rep must have the ability to gather important information from them such as the appropriate decision maker’s contact details, the current technology or solutions that they are using etc and save them for future.

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 5 Inside Sales Performance Metrics to Track your Inside Sales Reps- The Ultimate Guide to Inside sales


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