5 Cold Calling Inside Sales Techniques that Really work

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Cold calling – sounds scary, Right? You are not the only one who considers it a dreadful process. The truth is that many inside sales reps look at it as the most troublesome aspect of sales. Unfortunately, you can’t get away with it if you really want to boost your sales revenues and find potential customers.

Here are a few tips that will improve your cold calls. They will let you make a flawless cold call and become a #Quota-Crushing sales rep:

5 Cold Calling Inside Sales Techniques that Really work

Never Attempt to Sell in your First Call

First call should be more focused towards information gathering and relationship building. An inside sales representative has to sell the appointment and not the product in the first conversation.  Try to make the prospect interested in what you have to offer and then push for an appointment.

Dig out the Benefits that will Foster your Potential Client Buy from You

Find out that key benefit which will provoke your prospect to like your product/service and eventually lead to a purchase. Meanwhile, at the same time also look out for a reason or fear that might refrain the customer from buying. Be ready to face both these circumstances and handle the objections appropriately.

Research Your Target

Calling a prospect without enough preparation should be a strict NO. Every prospect is different and has different pain areas, needs, and requirements. The more information you have about the prospect, the much better position you will be in developing a selling relationship with him/her. I have discussed in one of my previous blogs-how Social Selling as a research tool can help you in creating and nurturing meaningful customer relationships that lead to attainment of sales quota.

Prepare and Rehearse your Opening Statement

The opening statement is really crucial for the success of a call. Include benefits of your offering or a reference point in it. In fact a great start would be to mention what exactly qualified the suspect to become a potential opportunity for you- adding a value to your statement. It must create a thought in their mind that you might be able to do something for them. You can opt for sales call script for some of the prospects for which you don’t have enough information.

Treat the Gatekeepers as Potential Allies

Don’t consider them as obstacles of your cold calling process. In fact being polite and respectful might earn you a lot of “inside information”. By telling the reason for your call and why their bosses would be interested in talking to you can lead to an initial conversation with the decision maker.

Always stay focused, be persistent and never give up as “Eighty percent of new sales are made after the fifth contact”. Want to know, what is the best time to call a prospect?

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