30 Power Sales Words that will get you More Sales

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Remember Robin Williams and the way he inspired our generation? Here is a quote from him to jog your memory – “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  

That’s right people; words can really alter the world as we know it and ascribe new meaning to rather listless things. 

The same can be said for the realm of sales, as certain words when used accurately can be immensely powerful to get your work done.

However, it must be noted that some words have been in prevalence during a sales pitch for a long time. That doesn’t necessarily make these words correct and in contemporary times, it can destruct your pitch.

Thankfully, there are still some power sales words that we can use to garner increased sales. Let us take at look at a handful of these words that sell and understand the premise and the logic behind the usage of such words:

1. You

While you might be very desperate to strike a deal by making a sale, but at the end of the day it is only the customer who has the liberty to buy your product or shun it. Therefore, it is always advisable to explain the process all about the customer by using ‘You’ instead of ‘I’. Truth be told – selling is all about your prospective customers and never about your company.

2. Value

While letting your prospects know that you will be offering your products at a lesser price is admirable, but it is not a full proof way to gain more sales. Customers need to know what value can be derived in their business after using your products. So, the key is to focus on the word ‘value’ during a sales conversation. The spotlight should always be on how your prospect can get more, not how they can pay less.

3. And/Or

Many a time, we run ourselves into a fix by uttering the word – ‘but’, during a conversation. The simpler alternative is using the words ‘and’, ‘or’. Also, it is advisable that you present multiple options to your prospects for your products/offerings, and you can do so with the words ‘and’, ‘or’. This will increase your chances to getting a ‘yes’ from prospects by negotiating on multiple choices.

4. Imagine

What is much more creative than merely talking about your products/services, and how they can be useful to your prospect? It is talking about real-life situations and stories, and the word ‘imagine’ is very instrumental to meet this objective. With ‘imagine’, you can ensure that your prospect assumes the central character in the story. If you can make your prospects imagine the benefits of buying your product/services, your job of making a sale automatically becomes painless.

5. Remember

This word can be highly effective in casually reminding your prospects for some activity. Using ‘remember’ is also instrumental while making them aware of any forthcoming deadlines, because you can safely assume that your prospects will always be busy.

6. Results

To highlight the outcomes of purchasing your offerings is a wise move on your part. Thereby, your prospects know – what to expect, when the delivery dates are, what the steps of the entire process are, etc. This will also ensure better coordination and remove communication lags.

7. Easy

Once you have captured the attention of your prospects, it is constructive to help them to take the next step of the purchasing process. You can easily do this with the word ‘easy’! So, go ahead and let them know how easy their life would be with your offerings.

8. Benefit

You will often find yourself in the middle of a situation where your client fails to distinguish your products with others in the market. This is where you need to enlist the various advantages by using the word – ‘benefit’, or ‘added benefits’.

9. Improved

At present times, no software/solution that you are selling will be a one-time developing affair. There is need to constantly upgrade it in today’s fast-moving technological world and ever-changing customer preferences. While explaining this to your prospects, you may want to use the word – ‘improved’, to help them make a distinction from one version to another.

10. Solution

While explaining the various features of your products, your clients might interrupt you and ask for more features or may demand for other products to be merged with the current one. This is precisely when you should use the word – ‘solution’, to reassure them that you have the necessary setup to fulfil their demands.

11. Proven

Today‘s world is witnessing growing competition more than ever. To survive and thrive, your brand needs references and recommendations. When you say ‘proven’, to your prospects, you remind them that your products/services/business is market tested, genuine and exceeds expectations.

12. Thank You

It is never too late or misplaced to show some gratitude to your prospects. This means you can say ‘thank you’ on reaching new goals, striking a new deal, or just a simple thank you email. Using ‘thank you’ will indisputably make your prospects feel friendlier towards you and increases confidence.

13. Because

This is considered one of the most persuasive words in English language and therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it features in most of the sales conversations. After all, we all need to provide compelling reasons why customers need to take action.

14. Welcome

Just like ‘thank you’, you can use ‘welcome’ a number of times, to express your appreciation, and yes… you should use the ‘you’re welcome’ in place of ‘no problem’.

15. Free

Who in the world doesn’t want ‘free’ things from time to time? The answer would always be a resolute ‘no one’. This is plainly because the word ‘free’ is a powerful trigger of excitement. There is no doubt that your prospects surely like the idea of getting something and paying nothing for it.

16. New

During a sales pitch, the moment you utter the word – ‘new’, your prospects attribute it to an improved and exciting offering from you. ‘New’ is an attention grabbing word and we as humans tend to have a positive association with everything new – be it new technology, new  cars, new apparels. Therefore, you should mention ‘new’ at least once in a sales conversation (only if you have something different to offer).

17. Be the First

We all love exclusive access to new products, promotional offers and high quality content, and your potential customers are no different. You can definitely give a boost to your conversion rates by using – ‘be the first’, to use your new offerings. They would love to be trendsetters!

18. Premium

This is one among the power selling words that denotes high worth, period. Trust us – your prospects are constantly on the lookout for ‘premium’ product/services, because very few wants to be ordinary.

19. Help

To err is human and to rectify are other humans. Your potential customers are also humans and are bound to make mistakes. Therefore, it is imperative for you to ensure that you are always there to ‘help’ them in times of need.

20. Save

This is one the greatest power sales words to denote monetary savings and you should totally use it to provide a good idea of the amount of savings your prospects stand to make once they used your products.

21. Now

Usually, ‘now’ is associated to calls to action. Nevertheless, you can positively use this word to invoke a sense of urgency among your sales prospects. Moreover, ‘Now’ motivates people to act immediately when you adjoin it with ‘limited-time offer’.

22. Safe

Let’s face it – your prospects will only invest money in purchasing your product/services if they feel secure with the transaction. The word ‘safe will be immensely beneficial in making your prospects feel secure about the purchase. Numerous studies have shown that humans are intrinsically afraid of loss. It serves as an added promise on your part and reduces the possibility of loss.

23. Better

‘Better’ is often used when you want to stand out of the competition by suggesting that your products/services are better than the other players in the market. It can also be used to propose that you have come up with new offerings that are better than earlier versions.

24. Bargain

During a sales conversation, it all boils down to what your prospects stands to gain from the entire transaction. At the end of the day, customers will not settle for anything less than a great deal. It might be one of the lesser used words, but the importance it brings to a conversation can’t be neglected.

25. Instant

We all are in a mad scramble in this mega event called life and naturally, no one likes to wait. Thus, your sales prospects also want ‘instant’ access to your offerings. Using ‘instant’ ensures immediate gratification.

26. Powerful

It is always good to let your potential customers know that your business/product/ service are robust by using the word – ‘powerful’.  Also, you can use the word to represent that there are some exceptionally powerful new features to your product.

27. Best

Yes, you believe that your offerings are way ahead of our nearest competition. However, your prospects might have little clue about it. Using ‘best’ in your sales interaction will foster the belief that your products/services are supreme.

28. Risk-Free

We have established the fact that customers are habitually sceptical before making a purchase. The use case of ‘Risk-free’ is similar to ‘safe’, in order to covert leads into buyers, by infusing a sense of safety and security.

29. Sale 

Since we all love a great deal, using this age-old word has the power to attract potential customers.  In mailers, you can create a sense of urgency by combining the word with ‘huge’, to make it hard for them to resist such offers.

30. Tips

Again, this is one of the underrated words which if used correctly can increase your product’s market capture. Also, once you have made the sale, you can send ‘tips’ mailers, to help them understand your product better, or improve their business in any way possible.


Are there any other power sales words that you have used in your sales pitch? Please share some of your power selling words in the comments section.


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