3 Key Tips to Close More Leads with Social Selling

Close More Leads with Social Selling

Smaller high tech companies and startups have already generated 55% of sales from inside sales teams, and social selling is swiftly becoming one of the key skills for inside sales reps.

So, how successful have you been in driving more sales by closing more leads with social selling?To jog your memory, let us first gain a good grasp on the idea of social selling.

What is Social Selling?

The father of social selling – LinkedIn defines the term as leveraging your social networking channels to identify the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and eventually, achieve your sales goals. 

Since its inception, social selling has emerged as the freshest method that an increasing number of businesses are deploying, to better interact with buyer personas.

However, the racking of brains comes into play when we have to close more leads with social selling. As, the concept is still a newer one and a lot remains to be improved, therefore it is a challenge to have more lead conversion.

Still, we have a few tactics up our sleeve that will surely result in better lead conversion with social selling. Sit tight and read on.

  1. Distinguish Leads from Followers on Social Media Platforms

You have social media pages on all platforms, i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. Thereafter, you start posting and the number of followers also witnesses an upward curve. However, followers doesn’t mean that leads all the time (well, not mostly). You need to understand the level at which these followers choose to interact with your business, and what interested them on your page – was it a case study, a webinar, some product demos, or simply a blog.

Plus, you have to keep a tab of the social media platform where the followers have been engaged more. Identifying these aspects will help you to better gauge the leads from other followers. Always, remember the purpose of your social selling efforts is to turn followers into leads, but more than that it is the identification of definite leads which is trickier.

  1. Have a Healthy Relationship with Prospects

More than 50% of B2B buyers seek out information on products and services on social media. Once you start contributing to various groups and discussion forums, you’ll notice that your brand’s social media page will start receiving ample views, especially on LinkedIn. You can easily choose to send an invite to people who have viewed your company’s profile.

What you need to realise is that social media forms an important part of the decision making process of prospects, and therefore proves to be a great tool to convert more leads. Therefore, addressing the pain points of prospects and offering them much needed information or perspective on the topic will certainly help sales reps to take the relationship prospects to the next level, and result in a better lead conversion.

  1. Select a Great Sales Management Tool

Make no mistake – a good sales management tool will always help you to measure the returns from individual leads. This will come handy to save big bucks for your brand by concentrating on those leads which are seemingly more promising. Automatically, your chances of closing a lead  will also go up as you will be able to allocated sales reps whose skill sets matches the requirements of particular sales leads and in a way, help them build greater rapport for your company.

In present times, a tool is practically ineffective if it doesn’t provide most of its features on its mobile app, or hasn’t integrated social media in its system. Don’t believe us? Take a good look at the sales tools that are doing exceptionally well in the market. You’ll find that all or most of them have given mobile access and social media integration in various packages that they offer.

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