3 Benefits of HubSpot Integration with Inside Sales Box


In today’s converging world of sales and marketing, organizations can’t afford these two teams to work in silos which leads to opportunity and data loss. InsideSalesBox offers a two-way lead-sync between sales and marketing teams. The integration ensures a 360 degree view of leads and prospects across the organization.Rise of inbound marketing has led B2B sales organizations to count more on the inbound leads in their sales funnel. However, all the marketing efforts can go in vain if these inbound leads are not responded by reps on time. As per a recent Lead Response Study, the average first response time of B2B companies to their inbound leads was 42 hours as against the industry standard of responding to an inbound lead within first 5 minutes – a mammoth disconnect. Just imagine the amount of opportunities and revenue lost by businesses in such a scenario.

Here, it is important to understand the underlying reasons for such gaps. The lack of effective Sales and Marketing alignment is at the roots of inadequate lead management and poor lead response time for inbound leads. In the absence of an automated mechanism for transferring leads from Marketing to Sales, leads are bound to get delayed or wrongly assigned and it is quite possible that some information about leads might fall through the cracks during manual transfer. Even when a lead is passed on to Sales, chances are that a sales rep is not aware about the specific lead’s prior journey across the buying cycle. All this results into lack of lead intelligence which is necessary to approach a prospect in a personalized and context driven manner.

At InsideSalesBox, we have implemented HubSpot Integration with our very own sales platform to ensure a well-knit sales and marketing alignment. Thereby, keeping our leads data intact and updated. This enables our sales team to have appropriate lead management and ideal lead response time.

Have we been able to capture your attention, then you must know more about the top 3 benefits of HubSpot Integration with InsideSalesBox:

Smart Lead Routing in Real-Time

HubSpot Integration with InsideSalesBox ensures that all the web generated leads are assigned to sales in real-time, resulting in optimum lead response time, to boost the conversion rate. With a strong integration in place, there is no need for manual transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales –  which not only saves your time and efforts, but also maintains data integrity as no information gets lost during the lead transition process. The essence of real-time lead assignment can only be sustained if the right lead is assigned to the right sales rep. InsideSalesBox allows you to set rules for lead assignment as per your requirement. Hence, leads can be assigned to the right rep depending upon the criteria such as industry or geography.

Leveraging Marketing Intelligence

In times of hyper personalization, sales reps can only break the ice with prospects if they follow a context driven approach. HubSpot keeps a track of all the touchpoints (like email sends, opens and clicks, collateral downloads, form submissions) a lead has with your company website, and this information is mapped to InsideSalesBox, enabling sales reps to personalize their approach to reach out to their leads. We are all aware about the trending concept of warm leads, but how many of us put this into practice? So with this integration, we help reps with all the contextual information that they can leverage to have a warm conversation with their leads.

Streamlined Database Across Functions

The biggest advantage of HubSpot integration with InsideSalesBox is keeping the Sales and Marketing teams in absolute sync. The two-way data flow creates an intuitive framework for updating the leads information across the sales funnel. Leads information not only flows from Marketing to Sales, but the other way round too – where leads status is fed back into HubSpot. This helps Marketing to analyze their campaigns as well as plan for further re-marketing and lead nurturing activities on the sales worked upon leads. Hence, integrated Sales and Marketing ensures that the company gets a better grasp of buyer needs in order to outperform competitors.

Integrating HubSpot with your inside sales platform is a great choice to tap sales opportunities for enhanced business growth. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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